Great New Song from Silver Firs

Sometimes in order to run this site, I have to seek out things other than my inbox (and other than P4k or Stereogum), so I often hit up various site, like I Guess I’m Floating; that’s where I found this wonderful new song from Silver Firs.  There’s more of a haunting indie rock chant associated with this song, rather than actualy lyrics, but the mood of the music is quite affecting.  You can find this jam, and more, when you pick up the self-titled album from this Swiss group.  It’s a casual number, but one that I hope you enjoy.


Download: Silver Firs – Away We Go [MP3]

Crafty New Track from Arc in Round

I’m really excited by the possibilities in music nowadays, especially with the layering of various instruments and the varying movements within tracks.  With that in mind, take a listen to this new jam from Arc In Round; you’ll find this song on their self-titled debut, which hits stores on June 5th via La Societe Expeditionnaire. There’s all sort of things occurring within the track, not to mention the actual main piece of music itself, and it all works, it’s all unified.  Perhaps I just like to see how much one can cram into one song and make it still sound structured and beautiful, and if that’s the case, well, so be it; this track works just fine in that sense.


Download:Arc In Round – Hallowed [MP3]

Evans the Death – s/t

Rating: ★★★½☆

When you sit down to put a Slumberland Records release on the old turntable, you’re pretty much assured that you’ll find some sort of comfort or joy within the various revolutions.  But, when I put on the self-titled debut of London quintet, Evans the Death, I had no idea that it would bring an abundance of vibrant joy my way; it’s all over the place in the best way, and every individual will have his or her own favorite jam.

Don’t let that bubbling bass line that opens the record’s “Bo Diddley” fool you.  If you wait a few minutes, you’ll see the star of the band is clearly Katherine Whitaker.  Her soaring vocals clearly transcend the music itself, and its affect is almost immediate; at times it comes off punky, other times pristine–this is just the first track.  But, let’s not make her the sole reason your buying this album!

“Catch Your Cold,” the second track on Evans the Death is the song that really lets the band’s prowess seep into your ears. Those ringing guitars played at lightning fast speeds give you that classy indie pop sound we all adore, and companied with Whitaker’s darkly-tinged vocals, it’s just a brilliant track.  You’ll find it in similar territory as the group’s first single from the release, “Telling Lies,” which might just be the most unassuming smash hit of the year.  While the rest of the group has this jagged approach to their guitar playing, Whitaker has your head spinning about with her remarkably strong pipes.

Surely, you’ll notice that a great deal of this first effort from Evans the Death is full of upbeat numbers, but, what makes this a more than adequate debut are the mellower numbers stuck within, leading you away from the monotony.  “Morning Voice,” while holding onto some noisier elements, is largely a quiet song, if only in sentiment.  Katherine comes across in an entirely different manner than she’s been presented up to this point, seemingly frail beneath those gentle vocal touches.  The more I played this track, the further I fell for it–you probably will too. You’ll encounter similar circumstances when you wrap up the record with “You’re Joking.” It’s a lightly strummed closing track, again putting Whitaker prominently at the forefront of the band’s sound.  There’s not louder guitar bursting forth here, but it’s not needed here, as the emotional quality lays solely with their female leader.

For a debut, this is a pretty stellar release, as the band comes across extremely accomplished with a powerful leader at the helm.  You can look beyond some of the songs that have a tendency to sound similar, choosing to find the unique qualities lurking within.  With more time, the whole record eventually sinks in together, leaving you with an enjoyable album you’ll want to play over and over. We can thank Evans the Death for that.


Download:Evans the Death – Telling Lies [MP3]

New Jam from King Tuff

It’s crazy that Sub Pop just released this track by their newest signee, King Tuff, because I just bought the 3 7″ singles collection from Suicide Squeeze yesterday afternoon. KT used to jam with Happy Birthday, and he’s been banging around on his own for a long time as well.  The label will be releasing his self-titled debut on May 29th of this year, and I’m pretty sure you’re going to have a lot of fun jamming out to this.  Garage rock with hooks galore, just like the track we’ve got featured for you below!


Download: King Tuff – Bad Thing [MP3]

Brilliant Pop Number from Aloha Tigers

Man, this song really blew me away today.  As we’ve all (hopefully) been taking in the sunshine, I’ve been jamming to this number from Aloha Tigers.  The band is a duo from Bloomington, Illinois, and I hope they get a chance to branch out.  Their self-titled debut is remarkable, offering touches of dream-pop, but crafted so well that you won’t even care what they sound like; they’re just flat out great.  Carefully sung vocals, emotionally appealing harmonies, and a quality of craftsmanship that allows you to float away in your own head.  This is probably the best way to start out your Monday!


Download:Aloha Tigers – Young Ghosts [MP3]

Super Rad Jam from Royal Headache

I’ve known this number was coming down the pipeline for a bit, and I just couldn’t wait much longer to share it with you!  Royal Headache is an Australian quartet destined to break out with their blend of joyous garage-soul fusion.  Royal Headache is fortunate to have their self-titled album picked up for US release by the always excellent folks over at What’s Your Rupture; they’ll have it ready for you on May 8th.  There’s this infectious energy in album track “Girls,” be it the steady pop streaming guitars or the playful crooning of Shogun on vocals.  We’ll all be fortunate to witness their invasion in June, after they stop by Austin to play several  Chaos in Tejas dates.  Get ready to fall in love with rock n’ soul.


Download: Royal Headache – Girls

New Track from Evans the Death

There’s very few labels that have been as dependable as Slumberland Records over the last few years, and they’ve signed yet another wunderkind in Evans the Death.  On April 3rd the band will be releasing their new self-titled album, as well as a single. We’ve got the lead track below to stream, so prepare yourself for an excellent ride. Energy bursts forth from the get-go, and we’ve got a new female lead in Katherine Whitaker.  Her vocals sound sublime backed by the melodious hooks of the rest of the group.  Let’s cheer on Slumberland and their newest signing!



Hospitality – s/t

Rating: ★★★★☆

January has come and gone, and there have been some decent releases of the New Year already, but as for classic indie-pop, this is by far the most playful album yet. You have all the elements that tend to work for indie; the whimsical yet grounded tone, the combination of slow beats that still manage to grab your attention, and of course the fast past and downright fun numbers. Hospitality, a three part, but by no means a small part band, brings it to you hard on this self-titled debut.

For starters, there isn’t really a bad song on this album. When you listen to it, from start to finish, every twist and turn will have you anticipating the next corner, the next direction you’re heading. Take “Friends of Friends,” the second song and single for the album, is all about the build to this fun climax of poppy goodness. You begin with a simple guitar line, guttural and garage-y, add in the percussive odds and ends, and finally layer Amber Papini’s sassy and earnest vocals over the top and you get this song that just crawls along at its own beat; it feels like a series of images strung together in a montage. Then, on the very next song, you get a smoothly blended sound in “Betty Wang.” The acoustic strumming and Papini’s never ending lyrics that run together and

But the treats don’t just come early on Hospitality; this Brooklyn trio keeps their hold on you to the very end, throwing in monumental tracks like “Argonauts.” The longest song on the album, at a little over five minutes, pushes together the success of the two songs I’ve already mentioned, bringing you a cohesive, yet piece-y number that relies on the jangly percussion to be its backbone. And if that is the backbone, then the vocals are the highlights. Here, Papini is backed by some male vocals that juxtapose with her delicate playfulness and keep it from soaring too whimsically. Grounded, this song explores a melancholy tone that can be found buried beneath the layers of fun that runs through the work.

What keeps these excellent songs from running together, and what keeps the rest of the songs from running together for Hospitality is the variation in length of tracks as well as their style. Not only do you have creative and exciting songs, they are given their best opportunity to shine amidst their album mates—and isn’t that what every album should long to be?


Download: Hospitality – Friends Of Friends [MP3]

New Tune from Radar Eyes

I’ve been hearing about Radar Eyes for some time now, and I especially loved their track “Miracle.”  Now the band’s signed on with Hozac Records, and they’re about to release their long awaited debut this February.  For those of you that like your rock n’ roll with a bit of an emotional haunt, then you’ll surely find pleasure in the off-beat wash of noise that accompanies the rather nice pop undertones of this track.  If you’re looking to do more research on the Chicago act, you can find their album closer that was released last week.  This track is left of the left of center, so maybe that’s why we’ve got a bit of “disconnection.”


Download:Radar Eyes – Disconnection [MP3]

Nice Bit of Dream Pop from Summer Twins

When you hear about two sisters singing together, you wanna be sure it doesn’t fall into the kitsch category.  Luckily, for the Brown sisters this is not the case for Summer Twins, who’ve just released their debut self-titled album on Burger Records. Seeing as the group hails from California, you’ll see some obvious sunny influences or likenesses.  Personally, I see the resemblance, but the vocals sound eerily like Zoey D.  It’s beneficial, as it gives the track a bit of clarity and brightness in contrast to the areas where we usually find a bit of hazy atmospherics, or as I like to call it: the indie auto-tune. Give this song a chance.


Download:Summer Twins – I Don’t Care [MP3]

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