Explorative Pop from Cyanide Thornton

I can always count on Bedroom Suck Records to keep me in the know when it comes to the Aussie music scene (among other labels of course). What I’ve grown to appreciate about the label, and come to think of it, most of the Australian labels is that they don’t seem too intent on always operating with the same musical styles. Take this brand new Cyanide Thornton tune that they just released; it spends almost two minutes exploring various sonic textures, building you a world where its safe for the lyrics to come into play. Once Sienna enters the fray, she controls the listener with ups and down in pitch, smoothed out notes follow. Musically, the landscape of the track has these folk motifs, but the latter half has the faintest hint of post-punk laying in wait. The self-titled album will drop on November 9th.

The Color Forty Nine Release Storyteller

The self-titled album from The Color Forty Nine is only 7 songs long, but there’s so much depth to the recording that one is apt to find the record stretching beyond expectations. Their latest single has singer Phil Beaumont stretching operatic tones over the musical craft of his support. The rest of the band, particularly the violin work creates this forlorn Western vibe; it’s a brand of Americana that largely goes overlooked…somewhere between troubadour and sea-shanty. They’ll be releasing the s/t record on June 15th via Darla.

Saturday Night Drop New Single

Saturday Night are starting off the cycle for their new record with this great tune. The DC group has this almost garage vibe, but there’s something from the vocals that’s making me invest deeply in the band. It’s a slight little inflection, like an uplift at the end of the notes, akin to the way Ted Leo operates. But, that vocal ploy isn’t enough, as they bring in a soulful female vocal counterpart to balance things out. It’s catchy and ballsy and really good; the band will be releasing their debut self-titled album via Gentle Reminder Records in August.

Deeper Back with Another Single

Chicago’s Deeper are just a few weeks away from dropping their debut album, and I’m anticipating heavy rotation around my household. On their latest single, it definitely has that arty post-punk vibe, akin to Omni. But, what the group uses that puts them slightly in their own realm is they brandish sparkling guitar lines; they’re not as sharp as one would hear in a jagged art punk style, giving a natural melody to the band’s sound. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t get enough of this band. Their self-titled debut will be dropping on May 25th via Fire Talk.


Ryan Higgs Drops New Album

Over the weekend Ryan Higgs, a fellow Texan, dropped his self-titled album, and we wanted to follow up by sharing one of the standout tracks with you. There’s something about this song that ingrains itself in your mind; I think, for me, it has something to do with the slight inflection turns with his vocal notes. The production is great, layering light handclaps and backing vocals to reinforce the song’s gravitational pull on your emotions. He’s not afraid to turn it up either, which is one of the reasons you’ll enjoy listening to his whole LP HERE.

Michael Nau Announces New Album

Michael Nau had a pretty solid 2016 and 2017, and today with the announcement of his new album, it looks like he’ll be making big waves in 2018 as well. This time around, he’s chosen to work with his touring band for the recording process, dubbing them The Mighty Thread. Perhaps in the end, it will provide a hint more cohesiveness, but none of that will matter if the songs are as good as the one below. It’s weird, as at times it sounds like a folk-influenced take on modern indie rock, though Nau’s vocals here sound a lot like Brooks from the Growlers,giving it just this slight peak of sunlight..those are all good things by the way. I love the tinkering piano and constant jangle of the tambourine. Michael Nau and the Mighty Thread will be self-released on August 3rd.

New Music from Deeper

Deeper should be one of those bands that everyone is raving about; they’ve got the recent hype, celebrated live shows and they definitely have the songs. This track plays between the genres of modern emo and dream pop, drawing out the vocals while crafting a sense of never-ending descent; still, it doesn’t just stop there, leaving you with a bit of instrumental sprawl. Each time I play it, I envision myself falling through some distorted rabbit hole, only to find myself beached upon a lost shore, bewildered, yet smiling. Fire Talk Records will be releasing the group’s self-titled album on May 25th.

Drifting Pop from Dreamend

Did you ever listen to that Black Out album by the Good Life? It was filled with these beautiful little folk songs, poured over electronic backbeats and textured soundscapes. That’s sort of where I find this latest Dreamend tune, though I think the vocals have a slight bit more exuberance than the aforementioned act. This tune’s all about building tension, and you can feel the track rise, culminating in its battle with the electronic pulses that invade the tune’s latter half. Strap in and hold on; look for the new self-titled LP on April 6th via Graveface.

You Into Drawing Boards Yet?

If your’e not into Drawing Boards yet, then let me turn you towards the band’s debut album, which dropped less than a week ago courtesy of Gentle Reminder Records. The single below offers a glimpse at the joy you’ll have when cruising through the album; it starts calmly, with guitars faintly ringing in the distance behind the vocals. Slowly the song builds and burns in your ears, with slight building crafted by layered guitars riding atop the rhythm line. It’s a subtle charmer, and that’s precisely what you’ll find when digging into the self-titled LP; you can grab yourself a copy right HERE.

Poppy Shoegaze from Wylderness

This new Wylderness track has instant gratification for those fans of the intersection of shoegaze and dream pop; the guitars do a fuzzy dance in the distance while the rhythm section establishes pace. Then the vocals comes in, surfing atop the song’s structure, falling with the cresting waves of the track; they also have this drawn out syllabic approach, giving off a ghostly vibe amidst the pop sensationalism. If you like what you’re hearing from the group, then you’d be wise to keep track of them, as they’ll be releasing their self-titled debut LP on Succulent Recordings on March 23rd.

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