Poppy Shoegaze from Wylderness

This new Wylderness track has instant gratification for those fans of the intersection of shoegaze and dream pop; the guitars do a fuzzy dance in the distance while the rhythm section establishes pace. Then the vocals comes in, surfing atop the song’s structure, falling with the cresting waves of the track; they also have this drawn out syllabic approach, giving off a ghostly vibe amidst the pop sensationalism. If you like what you’re hearing from the group, then you’d be wise to keep track of them, as they’ll be releasing their self-titled debut LP on Succulent Recordings on March 23rd.

Enjoy This Track from SWOLL

Matt Dowling has done his due diligence in the DC indie scene, playing in the EFFECTS and Deleted Scenes. But, he’s out on his own now with his new project SWOLL; it’s an electronically driven sound that charms, at least on this, the ‘most lighthearted’ track on the record. I love how the programmed percussion builds, with the the repeated vocal of “I’m taking” aiding in that. Then the guitars drop in, the vocals rise and you’re charmed immediately. But, the joy in this track really comes when the female accompanying voice joins up with Dowling to really round out the pop sensation. A promising entry from the self-titled debut, out March 9th via Blight Records.

Another Delight from Olden Yolk

Olden Yolk is a name you should be familiar with already, but if you’re just catching on, be warned that this is a record that seems destined to be in a lot of conversations for the remainder of 2018. I love how we get to glimpse the band finding their sound on this album, with Shane Butler taking over vocal duties on this latest ditty…though Caity Shaffer offers some solid vocal support. I love how intricate the guitar sounds, though I’m sure that’s just my lack of musical inclination…just has something spiritual about it. Be sure to keep your eye out for the band’s self-titled debut on February 23rd via Trouble In Mind.

Enjoy Mouse Trap Now

Something about short and catchy songs makes me fawn, as I’m doing for this brand new album from Ft. Worth’s Mouse Trap. In a certain sense, it reminds me a lot of early Coma Cinema, bedroom pop that’s been rounded out by a bunch of friends getting together. But, the more I spend time with this listen, I can also see similarities to various bits of Built to Spill in the way vocal syllables are stretched, and the guitars offer a slight playful ring. I feel like I’ve just discovered this wonderful new secret, and hopefully someone out there finds it as charming as I do. Stream the band’s self-titled LP below.

Have at Another Olden Yolk Tune

The majority of early press for Olden Yolk probably relies around Shane Butler’s role in Quilt; that’s all well and good, seeing as it’s a good starting point. But, on the band’s latest single, it looks as if Caity Shaffer will get accolades…deservedly so. For the first half of the track, we get a sort of warped pop number, ringing guitars uplifting Shaffer’s voice all the way to the swell of the chorus. What struck me as the finest moment actually comes in at the 1:47 mark, completely changing the time and beat of the track…similar to what my faves Deep Time have done. It’s fleeting, but it’s an interesting touch that elevates the tune in some fashion. The group are set to release their self-titled album on Trouble In Mind on February 23rd.

Jamming This Durand Jones

A friend, knowing my affinity for old school soul and R&B, sent me this new Durand Jones tune from his forthcoming self-titled LP with his band the Indications. It’ll only take a few seconds for you to realize the pipes on Jones mean business; think Leon Bridges but with more range. But, while the voice is a powerful instrument, the musicianship has to be present in order to really knock it out of the park; you won’t need to look much further than the first few minutes to see how solid the rhythm section is with these guys. Durand Jones & the Indications will be released by Dead Oceans/Colemine Records on March 16th, with pre-orders offering up a bonus 7″.

Loma Share Another Track from Forthcoming Album

It should come as no surprise that members of Cross Record and Shearwater will garner a lot of attention, but the depth of song’s like the one below clearly hint at how great this new Loma album is going to be. There’s a wonky, unsettling groove that opens the track, but Emily quickly comes into the picture to calm the storm with her voice. This track was built for her, with layered atmospherics withering in and out of the tune, leaving plenty of negative space for her to carry us with her voice. A different vibe than the first tune, but one we adore over here; look for the self-titled album to hit on February 16th via Sub Pop.

Stream the Debut LP from Odd Hope

Ever since I first heard Odd Hope, I wanted to share it with people. But, until recently there have only been a handful of tunes floating about…until today…you can now string the debut LP in its entirety. While the more spirited numbers are always appealing, like “We Belong” or “Come On Down if You Want To,” there are still some more subdued tunes within that really emphasize the songwriting ability of Tim Tinderholt. If you like your pop music written for no one, then this is perfect for every one. The self-titled LP will be available from Fruits and Flowers on December 1st.

Don’t Sleep on The Dayoffs

We’re nearing the end of the year, and as such, I’m digging through missed emails and missed bands, which is where I found the latest single from The Dayoffs. The band blends heavy guitar pop with slight touches of indiepop, especially in the way the vocals are pulled off. And, like all the great guitar music, it’s fast and quick, leaving you salivating for more of sugary hooks. The band just dropped their self-titled debut record last Friday, and it’s definitely something worth spinning a time or two.

Check This Video from Xenoula

The talk of late has been the return of Fever Ray, and yeah, nice to have her back, but the album was just okay, in my mind. Instead, I’m enjoying the world being crafted by Xenoula. This video does seem to share a slight resemblance to the aforementioned act, though I feel as if the pop-centric vibe that permeates the song further its appeal. The vocals sound more crisp, and with fewer studio touches; the little whispers do add a bit of oddity/haunt to the tune. Xenuola will be releasing her self-titled album on November 24th, so indulge in this number while you wait!

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