More New Music from Blouse

Portland-based Blouse have been making their way around the Interwebs with a slew of recent 7″ releases, the most recent coming on Sub Pop. As it stands now, the band’s signed up with Captured Tracks for the release of their self-titled debut, which will be released on November 1st.  This latest single begins with the quality of a warped recording, but if you can withstand that, there’s some blissful pop moments surfing thoughout the song, making for an elegany little listen.  Game, Blouse(s).


Download: Blouse – Videotapes [MP3]

More New Music from Twerps

If you’ve been following us, you surely know about my love for Twerps, a band who I’ve fallen in love with ever since the great folks over at Chapter Music introduced us to them. Their sound has definitely grown, coming across with that warm Oceanic pop feel, and even cleaning up the production a bit.  There’s a quality that seemingly gives their songs the feeling of floating music from afar, as if you’re hearing their music dance across the Pacific.  You can grab this song, as well as the rest off their self-titled record on October 18th here in the States via Underwater Peoples.


Download: The Twerps – Dreamin [MP3]

New Track from Ravishers

Pop-group Ravishers have just finished touching up their album, which is going to be released stateside on May 10th via Timber Carnival Records.  Based on what we’ve heard so far, this record is going to be a clever number full of melody and word play, not to mention the occasional female/male vocal exchange.  Such is the case with the single they’ve released, which is one of the crowd favorites in their set, so you know you’ll need to take notice.  I’ve really been enjoying listening to this track all weekend, so its time I share the goods with you.  Buen proveche.


Download: Ravishers – Keep You Around [MP3]

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