Powerful Ballad from Vera Sola

While Vera Sola is just now preparing her debut solo effort, she’s been working in the industry as part of Elvis Perkins’ band for some time. Perhaps that explains why her first single sounds so accomplished; it wears years of musicianship in its fabric. Her voice has this quality that seems to suspend her notes in mid air, with various instruments delicately layered behind…from slow-tempo drums to forlorn strings. It’s a pretty enchanting number, from start to finish…again, remarkable considering this is her first solo outing. Look for her debut, Shades, to drop in November of this year.


Digging This Hazy Pop From Alexandra Savior

unnamed-47Sometimes, you just know when a track is going to be magical. In this case, my spidey senses were alerted to this track’s potential via Alex Turner’s presence on the production credits. Anyways, Alexandra Savior is a young upstart out of Portland, Oregon who is rising fast in the musical world. It’s probably something about the way her lush vocals just rest on the mix, its dark and smoky aesthetic creating a layer of mist and mystique over the whole thing. Then there are these buzzing synths and the grit of an occasional guitar part that cuts through the jangly, tambourine heavy, percussion. Take a listen and get on the rad tunes of Alexandra Savior before she blows up.

Yellow Ostrich Return

yellowIt’s been awhile since we’ve heard from Yellow Ostrich, but with this new single it’s clear to me that they’re coming back quite strong.  I love the guitar line that works its way through the track, knifing through the carefully constructed melody of the song.  It’s much more abrasive and forceful than I expected, while still supplying a certain level of the group’s sincerity from previous efforts. The band’s new record is titled Cosmos, which bares a nod to Carl Sagan; it’ll be released by Barsuk on February 24th.