Love the Nostalgic Sound of Fond Han

fondhanI’ve found myself gravitating towards Fond Han‘s new track this morning; it seems like it’s perfectly suited for folks that really hit their musical stride in the late 90/early 00s. I kind of hear bits of Joan of Arc or Pinback, featuring guitars maneuvering left and right throughout the song whilst vocals sort of have this jagged shout to them. Still, there’s this little hint of pop sensibility in the brief bits of harmony that unfold. The band will release their debut LP, Sham Cloud, on September 23rd via Exploding in Sound…and I hope you find a place in your ears for this.

Enjoying This Fond Han Track

hanYou’d be forgiven if you thought that this new Fond Han track was merely something to pass over, just another folk-influenced bit. Yet, hold on for a bit, as this is a number that gradually unfolds, and in doing so, ultimately rewards your ears. You can hear the groundswell of added textures as the tune moves on, culminating at the 1.5 minute mark with a crash of all the sounds in unison. There’s definitely a nostalgic feel to it, thinking about some of the early Jade Tree stuff in my mind; look for the band’s debut effort, Sham Cloud, on September 23rd via Exploding in Sound.