Levitation Playlist: A Place to Bury Strangers

Man I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m super excited for Thursday and the start of the new look Levitation Festival in Austin. The lineup is absolutely loaded with great music with not a single day, or even hour, lacking of some quality live music. For real, this is a lineup ya’ll. As we typically do with festivals in town, we plan to preview a few things for you to help you better plan for the weekend. Today I am extremely pleased to share with you an expertly crafted Levitation playlist from our old friends A Place to Bury Strangers. The band really nailed it with this one and offered us way more songs than we normally ask for. This could be your definitive playlist for the weekend and should help you discover some new tunes/bands you maybe weren’t expecting to check out. Enjoy the words and playlist after the jump.

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Shana Falana Shares Go Higher

I really like that Shana Falana is flexing her songwriting abilities on her latest LP, Darkest Light. But, the tune below, the likely last single before her album drops on Friday is really her bread and butter; she, of course knocks it out of the park. The track has this nostalgic college rock vibe in parts, like she’s channeling Juliana Hatfield…though she fills the space in the songs with these edgier cascading guitar lines. For me, the tune reaches it’s climax in its last moments; the shoegaze guitars push the ambiance and the vocals take on this more angelic bravado that sort of smashes through that hazy cloud…my favorite moment. The new LP will be out tomorrow via Arrowhawk Records.

Shana Falana Announces Darkest Light

When I think of Shana Falana, I tend to think of a thoughtful songwriter who generally crafts these strikingly dreamy numbers that ooze pure passion, especially in the live setting. That said, this brand new single from the forthcoming Darkest Light might take some listeners aback, but only for a moment. Sure, the vocal performance takes on this almost angelic tone, but there’s this turmoil lurking in the track. Take for instance, the absence of drums, it leaves this cavernous void that can only be filled with by voice and the careful playing of guitar notes; it gets some depth with layered strings far off in the mix. It’s striking to see the balance and composure the execute such a song, which leads me to believe this is a project at the top of its game. I look forward to Darkest Light; its out on October 25th via Arrowhawk Records.

Show Preview: Shana Falana @ Cheer Up Charlies – TONIGHT

In 2016 Shana Falana released the most excellent Here Comes the Wave, and still riding high on the release; the band heads into Austin this evening at Cheer Up Charlies. You’ll get a steady dose of female-fronted dream-pop, akin to Wax Idols or Frankie Rose. They’ll be joined by several Austin acts, with our own Blushing joining the ranks of Lake of Fire and Angry Beige to round out the bill put together by the Nothing Song. The tune below is still my favorite Shana Falana tune off the last record…such a gem. See ya’ll tonight!

More Playful Pop from Shana Falana

shanaI’m digging what I’m hearing from Shana Falana, as this new single offers a bit of a different turn on the New York project. Here, we have a drifting bit of pop with this groove that opens the track, setting the scene for the vocals to casually float through your speakers. It takes the chorus a bit to arrive, but when it does I love the steadying vocal delivery, almost like stepping in time with the rolling drum beat. Here Comes the Wave is being released on October 21st via Team Love Records, and looks to be an adventure in writing pop music…one that I’ll surely enjoy.

Darkened Pop Tune from Shana Falana

shanaFor the last few years, I’ve fawned over Wax Idols, and now we’ve got another kindred spirit spinning dark-tinged pop music, Shana Falana. It’s this heavy brooding, as if it’s been recorded in some hollow garage, with the volume ruffling the cones on your speaker just enough. Still, you’ll be sucked into this track, drenched in pop sensibilitythat only comes from the most innermost caverns of your soul. The new album from the project is titled Here Comes the Wave, and it’s being handled by Team Love Records for an October 21st release.

Shana Falana Brings You a Hook

shanaRemember when we all fell in love with Best Coast (don’t lie, you know you did)? Well, now that that group has faded into the distance, there have to be acts to replace it.  I like Shana Falana for the part; the New York artist even offers a little bit more of a distinct sound, filling in more of the negative space with dreamier notes that go beyond classic alternate-girl fare. This single has a forcefulness, using guitar melody that twists and turns throughout.  Look for Team Love to release her album Set Your Lightning Fire Free on April 7th.

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