Je Suis France Share Shapeshifter

I love the way this new track from Je Suis France sets you up. You get this noisy, almost rambunctious rock moment, quickly opening with this broad sweeping pop moment that sort of has this youthful sense of longing. Slight turns in the vocals remind me, in a sense, of the Wrens in the way that they wrap these joyous pop nuggets in tightly constructed elements of noise. Discordant and yet warm, the perfect sort of indie rock for a man with twee tendencies. You’ll find this track on the group’s new LP, Back to the Basics of Love, available via Ernest Jenning.

Smooth Pop from Elephant

elephantThere was a time in my life when ethereal pop was my forte, and occasionally I’ll go back and dabble in it from time to time.  Listening to this new single from Elephant provides me with that perfect opportunity, using this floating bit of song construction to back the powerful vocals of Amelia Rivas.  Given that we’re all coming back to our appreciation of R&B influenced vocals, this UK group fits right into our cyclical musical world.  The single below is from their forthcoming debut, which will see a release in the near future by Memphis Industries.  We’ll keep you posted, but for now you can sit back and absorb this special number.

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