Goodly Thousands Bring The Jangle


Goodly Thousands are a three piece band that formed five years ago in the small city of Dundrum, but are currently based out of Dublin, Ireland. They put out their debut 7″ to much success, selling out that record and gaining a bit of attention. Now they’ve got this new song for you called “Sunshine Hair” which is a the title track off their upcoming EP, which is set to come out March 24th via Shelflife Records, so you know it’s gonna be great. This song already is– it’s got a kind of Pains of Being Pure at Heart jangly guitar riff that starts it out, but then the super crisp percussion kicks in and takes you down the road of twee. Looks like you won’t want to miss out on this band or their Sunshine Hair EP, which you can preorder here.

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Pinkshinyultrablast – Everything Else Matters

psub-1440Rating: ★★★½☆

Band names are often weird, but sometimes they’re really out there. Oddly enough, Pinkshinyultrablast is a name that somehow fits this power-shoegaze group from St. Petersburg, whose sound is a mix of airy dream and heavy noise pop. Everything Else Matters is their debut full-length album, and it is packed with tightly wound tracks that will have your head shaking and your feet tapping fiercely.

You wouldn’t believe my previous statement at the outset of the album, as opener “Wish We Were” creeps in slowly, but as the name of this band suggests, the band just needs a little bit of time to light the fuse before this record explodes into full throttle shoegaze bliss. A few minutes in the song takes off, transitioning from distant and ethereal to tangible and rocking. The drums and infectiously shoegazey guitars kick in, moving the song right along to the sleek sound that Pinkshinyultrablast does so well. “Holy Forest” keeps things heading in this same direction—the band’s sound blends electronic elements like synth and super reverb soaked vocals with the cutting electricity of the white hot guitars to create blazing tracks with speed and intrigue.

Each track pushes through to blossom into its own little explosion of dream pop bliss, some hitting harder and heavier, while other soar through lightly and airy. The vocals play a large part in the balance of Everything Else Matters, creating contrast to the music when its weighed down with a deep bass groove or when the guitars are shredding. “Metamorphosis” and lead single “Umi” are the bands’ best examples of this balance. The first of these two holds true to its name, alternating between simmering instrumentation and straightforward alt rock, the bass line stringing the two together perfectly. “Umi,” on the other hand, is just plain pretty and lush; synths and the lead soft vocals compete for your attention while the peppiness of the percussion bounces you along. Both of these are just two of the types of dream pop you’ll find on this album, and there are a lot more adventurous tracks for you to dance along to.

Just as this firework of an album begins, it fizzles out slowly, akin to the residual smoke that is left behind when the brilliant explosion fades away. What you’re left with is that elated feeling of wonder and excitement, and the burning desire to start it all over again. While this is an album that makes you want to just turn up the volume and jam along, after a couple of times through it begins to fall slightly dimmer each time—still good jams, but a little less hard hitting than the first time.


Introducing The Fireworks

unnamed (3)The Fireworks are an electrifying power dream pop outfit based in London who have celebrated quite a bit of growing success already from their initial releases. They’ve put out a few singles as well as EP’s which should have already gotten your attention, but if you haven’t been formally acquainted with this group, have a listen to the track below. “On and On,” while brief, gives you a perfect slice of electric guitar heavy rock that still appeals to your dream pop sensibilities with the reverb laden vocals of Emma Hall. This group has their debut album, Switch Me On, set to be released February 10th of this year on Shelflife Records, so get excited and pre-order. 

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Premiere: Huge Sounds from PINKSHINYULTRABLAST

PSUB-7aTwo days and two remarkable hits from Shelflife Records, but this time the label is bringing you the Russian five piece PINKSHINYULTRABLAST.  While there’s a concise formula, this song exemplifies the band’s ability to move in and out of varying sonic realms.  On the band’s first single, they open with this jagged post-punk guitar line that’s infused with this glittering touch, but as the song progresses there’s a harder edge that comes through the amps.  It’s all part of the diverse noise the group brings to the table, all the while maintaining this intoxicating beauty.  They release their album, Everything Else Matters, on January 27th.  Expect huge sounds and huge things for this act.

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Shelflife Records Bring You The Turns

theturns_PR_mdThere are some labels who just don’t know how to release bad records, and Shelflife Records is one of those you can always trust.  This time around, the label is going to bring you the Gone EP from LA-based The Turns.  The band’s known for being indebted to a slightly psychedelic period, though the track that I’ve chosen has a softer, more simplistic approach. Here you’ll hear the group walking that careful line between that genre and classic indiepop, utilizing male vocals with a female backing voice to really strengthen the song’s vibe.  The label is releasing it as a digital EP as of now, with a cassette version to follow in early 2015.

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New Music from Close Lobsters

closelobstersIt’s been a long-time coming, at least for those that pay constant tribute to the works of C86.  Close Lobsters quietly called it a day in the 90s, but they’re now returning with fresh music, after rekindling their musical fire in 2012.  This is the first piece of music we’ve gotten from the band in quite some time, but what’s interesting is how relevant this first single is.  It’s not dated, and it doesn’t sound like a modern re-hash; it’s got the same vibrancy the band captured long ago.  For you indiepop fans, the band will release their new Kunstwerk in Spacetime EP on Shelflife at the end of May.


Introducing Luxembourg Signal

LuxBand2This isn’t actually an introduction, so much as a return visit to some of our old friends.  Luxembourg Signal are in fact various members of Aberdeen and Trembling Blue Stars (JJ,BA, and BE to be exact), indicating to some that you’re alredy in love with the band, and you haven’t even heard them yet.  They’ve just signed on with the respected folks over at Shelflife Records to release their debut 7″, and we’ve got the tune below for the A-Side.  The song is crafted where it provides warmth via the the vocals, yet still holds an expansive sound that seems to always have been present in the songwriting of the core writers.  Hopefully we get to hear more from the group, sooner rather than later.



She Sir – Go Guitars

LIFE105_Cover480Rating: ★★★★☆

While they’ve been working at crafting their owned dreamy indiepop for some time, the boys in She Sir have largely gone unnoticed.  But, good things come to those who wait, with the group putting together their most confident record to date, Go Guitars (Shelflife Records). There’s not a bad song on the record, and listeners will surely find several of the tracks more than memorable.

“Portese” sets the tone early, with a guitar that has angular intentions ringing immediately in the foreground, while a dreamier chord cascades in the distance.  Russell’s Karloff has this whispering gentleness to it that creates the emotional pull for the listener; his performance on this track is purposefully understated, giving you more of a feel from the song’s craftsmanship.  Then you’re off into the beautiful world of “Kissing Can Wait,” a track where the vocals are surely the winner in the tune; they playfully move in line with the progression of the bass and drums, molding the song into an upbeat number that leaves your spirit lifted.

Other songs offer more of a dream-pop style on Go Guitars, such as the album’s first single, “Condesendidents.” Karloff’s voice has this soft quality that seemingly rests in the background of the track.  Personally, I like how the group breaks out into a relaxed pop jam near the end of the track (about 1.5 minutes); it’s a special moment on the record that illustrates She Sir have decided to go in whatever direction they see fit. And, you can’t cruise through the record without taking on “Snakedom;” this is the best song that’s not on Captured Tracks.  There’s a lively beat going on in the background, while the guitars work against each other to create a swirl of blissful pop.

Honestly, those were the things I expected from the band.  What I didn’t expect were songs like “Bitter Bazaar.”  It starts innocently enough with a lightly strummed guitar line, but the steady vocal opening prepares you for the song’s driving intentions.  It sets the scene for a track that appears reserved, though your short wait will see the band pushing the pace and spinning bright guitars twirling around your ears.  This is by far one of my tracks the band has left us with, so be sure to give it your undivided attention.

While some bands might get caught up in adding too much to their music, the one thing that stands out in Go Guitars is that the band isn’t trying to do too much, musically.  They know what they’re doing, and they’re going to offer listeners the perfect version of that sound.  She Sir will leave you with a listen that merely asks for you take it all in and let the warmth of the indiepop deliciousness take care of the rest; your listen will be better off for it.


Austin Spotlight: She Sir Release New Track

shesirWe’ve championed She Sir for years, and this year has seen the band release several great tracks in anticipation of their forthcoming LP.  The album is titled Go Guitars, and we’ve got their third single to offer you today. It begins a touch slow, then the drums provide a proficient bounce to push the song into a more beautiful state.  It’s clear by this number that good things are in store as we approach 2014, when the album will see a release from the respected Shelflife Records.  Just enjoy the fact that you’re around to listen to such a great tune today; be thankful.

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Noisy Pop from The Fireworks

artworks-000059746286-njx1ht-t500x500What a great week for Shelflife Records.  First they sign our friends She Sir, and now they’re off and running with a new 7″ from The Fireworks.  This new single is pretty marvelous, with a buzzsaw guitar working on one part of your eardrums, while the sweet harmony of the vocals warms the other.  I love the slightly poppier attitude that comes with the outro near the end.  This is the second release for the label, and they’re pressing it in a very limited number, so it’s best that you get your hands on things before you miss out.

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