Brand New Pop Number from The Luxembourg Signal

As much as I relished the debut album from The Luxembourg Signal, I’m going out on a short limb and claiming this new single as the best work they’ve done to date…might just be one of the best songs I’ve heard this month, in fact. When the song came in, mixing guitars with speedy hi-hat work, I thought the band might jump off into an upbeat affair. Soon, however, synths washed over my speakers and Betsy Moyer’s smoky voice slowly billowed. For me, that combination would be enough to call it a winner, but the band won’t rest there; they bring in some walls of distortion and bending chords from the distance, building a dreamily infectious moment…Moyer’s voice almost takes on a playful tone during the chorus. And, as the song fades to a close, they throw in a slightly heavier hand and some vocal “bah bah bahdop,” only increasing my adoration. They’ve got their follow-up, Blue Field, in the works, but they’ll be releasing this song via 7″ on June 23rd via Shelflife. Sit back and fall in love here.

Brand New Indiepop from Star Tropics

Not quite ready for the weekend, then all you’ll need is this delightful tune from Star Tropics. It quickly opens with twinkling jangle and a layer of fuzz beneath, and that should be enough to get your blood pumping. But, then the dreamy dosage of vocals fly atop, turning out melodies that will have your head spinning…it might just leave you bounding around your living room with a huge grin on your face (I can’t be the only one!). The group has just announced the release of their new LP, Lost World. All you pop suckers will be clamoring to get your hands on this, and it can be all yours on July 7th, courtesy of Shelflife and Fastcut Records.

Delicious Indiepop from The Fireworks

Sometimes you get lucky and an unexpected hit comes your way, such as the brand new 7″ that just popped up from The Fireworks. The group has come a long way since their early EP, most notably the switch to Beth Arzy (Lux Signal/Trembling Blue Stars) on vocals; she seems to have made way for a cleaner dosage of indiepop, allowing the band to work around her melodic voice. Don’t you worry longtime fans, “We’ve Been Wasting Time” offered up that distorted guitar ring in your ears just as Arzy smooths the edges; I love the bounce provided by the drum work here too. If you missed this, better go grab it from Shelflife, as it won’t be around too much longer!

ATX Spotlight: New Single from Letting Up Despite Great Faults

We’re really pumped to share this video with you guys, as we love the work that Letting Up Despite Great Faults have done in the indiepop scene in Austin. Due to small line-up changes and fatherhood, the band has taken some time to craft their Alexander Devotion EP, but you can now hear new music below! Mike Lee has given up vocal duties on this track, letting their friend Lani Thomison, who sings in Keeper, take the lead here. It’s great, furthering the soft shoegaze sound the band has crafted. We’re so excited that we’re helping support the band for their EP release on February 16th at Barracuda. If you can’t make it, the EP will be available from Shelflife here in the US.

New from The Holiday Crowd

holidaycrowdIf you’re looking for some bouncing pop that has that historical lean towards everything we loved about the 80s, then look no more because the Holiday Crowd is here for you.I think the biggest piece of this track where folks will fall in love is the semi-croon in the vocals, reminiscent of the Moz. I love the contrast between the twinkling guitar work and the deep bobbing tones of the bass guitar; it’s a nice twist on the influences that make all indiepop songs enchanting. The band’s self-titled record is being released by the uber-reliable Shelflife on December 9th.

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The Fireworks Strike Again!

unnamed-46Back in 2015, and probably before that, we became enamored with London/Brighton based band, The Fireworks, and their debut album,Switch Me On,which was all parts unabashedly fuzzy energy, jam packed into an album. Today, I’m quite pleased to share a new track from the band which is taken from an upcoming EP, Black and Blue,which the band will be releasing shortly on July 15th. The track is called “All The Time” and from the moment you press play, you know you’re getting into something special. The drums sound off like a countdown before those vocals and guitars kick in, giving the whole thing a 90s alt feel, but then as the track takes off, this genre is met with dueling vocals and snarling guitars that turn things into an even darker modern punk track. Take a listen and then go preorder that beautiful blue vinyl EP from ATH faves Shelflife Records…or else you’ll be missing out big time.

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Even More from Red Sleeping Beauty

redsleepingAfter announcing their return with a few new tracks, it’s clear that Red Sleeping Beauty are making a full-fledged return, and thank god for that. This is some of my favorite pop music, both in style and in general; there’s an electronic pulse and a phenomenal melody that one can’t deny when it comes through their speakers. There’s a purity to it, and in that, I find myself pining for the release of the band’s new album, Kristina. This record will be released by the super-reliable Shelflife on June 17th.

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More Synth Pop from Red Sleeping Beauty

redsleepingWhen I talked about the Mi Amor 7″ a few weeks back I mentioned that Red Sleeping Beauty really seemed to be going for it again, with deserved success. Today, Labrador and Shelflife released another track from the forthcoming album, and it’s a hit. I love the tone of the vocals (dark, sometimes smoky), especially when they coolly move into the chorus. Synth work is playful, though it’s not banging you over the head like some EDM sorts, allowing you to take in the pleasure of great electronic pop. The record is titled Kristina and has a release date of June 17th. You want real pop music? Here you go.

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Return of the Close Lobsters

closelobstersThere’s always a lot of talk in the indiepop circle about the influence of the C86 Tapes, but when it comes to the Close Lobsters, perhaps the best thing is that they’re still here bringing brilliant pop music to the fold. On this brand new single, their first in a few years, throw all the nods to the past out the window and relish in great pop songwriting; there’s a purity in every note that rings true in your soul. The subject matter even seems to tackle the importance of musical evolution in London, at least in more modern times…both the changes and the message left behind. You’ll hear this track on thebeautiful new Desires and Signs EPbeing issued by Shelflife on June 3rd.

Classic Pop from Red Sleeping Beauty

redsleepingAfter a long hiatus, Red Sleeping Beauty has picked things up over the last few years, culminating in the latest 7″ for Shelflife/Labrador. It’s just a careful wash of electronic joy, the sort that one millions of hearts on late 80s radio. Male and female vocals trade places over synthesized grooves, erupting in a soaring Spanish chorus laden with guitar working low in the mix. I suggest you go get your hands on this release before it’s too late to feel like you’ve fallen in love all over again; it’s available now!

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