Chorusgirl Share Another Single

I’ve already brought you one of the tracks from the forthcoming LP by Chorusgirl, so it only feel natural that I’d share the band’s latest single too. The opening minute of the track lulls you into pop submission; there’s a light pulse that works with the soft, R&B style vocals. Then the chorus hits, and it shimmers and shines like only the best of pop music can; it doesn’t go too far and too loud, staying right in that fuzzy wonder-zone of good times pop music! The band will release Shimmer and Spin on November 16th via Reckless Yes Records.

Chorusgirl Share New Video

We’ve already alerted you to the forthcoming LP from Chorusgirl, and the band have shared yet another reason to get swept up in their sound. The band had Ruth Barrett craft 2500 cardboard pieces for the stop-animation video, with the colors matching those of the band’s newest album. While I love the video, be sure to give attention to the song; it’s one of those tunes that is sure to turn heads no matter what you’re into. It’s poppy and anthemic, yet filled with artistry that shows the group at the top of their songwriting game. Shimmer and Spin is out on November 16th via Reckless Yes Records.

Chorusgirl Prep New LP

Chorusgirl needn’t do too much to persuade me to come back for repeated listens, but the band have unleashed a brilliant pop tune this week to announce their new album. It jumps off almost like a brooding bit of jangle, before settling into a calming bounce to reinforce the vocals. Suddenly, guitar lines get sharper and the percussion is tight as can be, giving way to a catchy bounce that’s hard to ignore. The band even play upon that hook as the vocals move forward, giving into the vibes of classic girl group harmonies. The band will released Shimmer and Spin to rave reviews on November 16th.