Another Fresh Airiel Tune

Just a week ago we dropped a remarkable return from Airiel, and today there’s another tune that popped up over at FTR. True to form, the song’s filled with cascading guitars lines that create an enormous wall of beautiful atmospherics. Vocals are hidden in the back, and on this tune, they almost serve as a textural element for the rest of the band to work around…ebbs and flows and what nots. Fans are really going to clamor for this, so if you’re new to the band, you might want to rush over to Shelflife and get your hands on Molten Young Lovers before the October 13th release date.

Brand New Track from Airiel

Airiel. This is how I like my shoegaze. In fact, it’s not quite shoegaze, though it definitely has one foot in the genre. Instead, they bring in these soft harmonic vocals, touched up by cascading guitar notes ringing in the distance. They fill the song’s typical chorus area with that barrage of squalling noise that’s identified the genre for ages. Honestly, tons of acts have tried to go this route, splitting time between pop sensibility and noise, but I’ve not quite heard someone do quite as beautifully convincing as Airiel. Look for the group’s brand new LP, Molten Young Lovers, dropping via Shelflife on October 13th.

Brand New Dead Leaf Echo

So much great news this week, musically speaking. News just dropped this week that Dead Leaf Echo will be releasing a brand new LP, Beyond.Desire. Upon pressing play, the walls of atmospherics and distorted guitars begin to surround your brain, just as the vocals seemingly roll along with the drum beat…more spoken then sung. As is the band’s specialty, they lunge into a heavy moment of shoegaze exploration as the vocals claim “I built this temple for you.” It’s just what you expect, and I expect it to be damn good; it drops on October 13th via PaperCup Music.

Shoegaze Vibes from Colour of Spring

I’m always going to fall in love with a song that has a sparkling shimmer on the back of a chord as it washes over the front of the mix, and this tune from Colour of Spring is no exception. While the song always seems on the verge of exploding, the band manage to hold that back until the back end of the tune, allowing for an increased bit of tension that draws listeners into the song. I appreciate that they never turn their back from the innate pop qualities that lurk within, and with that attitude, I have high hopes for their self-titled EP on June 23rd via House of Love.

Brand New Secret Shine Tune

The last decade has seen a huge resurgence in acts claiming to nod to shoegaze, but it’s great to see one of the genres oldest purveyors making a new album. Secret Shine have just announced There is Only Now, which they’ll be releasing through Saint Marie Records. The first single is drenched in quietly squalling guitars, yet there’s a softness to the vocals, letting the band walk a line where the voice is almost an added textural element. I always thought the original sound in shoegaze came across a little harsh, but these guys (and gal) craft it melodically, which is music to my ears. The release will hit on March 17th.

Brand New Dead Leaf Echo + Cheer Up Charlies Show

deadleafechoTomorrow night there’s this great shoegaze event over at Cheer Up Charlies, put on by our friends over at The Nothing Song. The line-up includes local faves like Single Lash, Moving Panoramas, Grivo and more…but it also features Dead Leaf Echo from NYC. And, to celebrate the event, and music in general, the group unleashed a brand new track today…it might just be one of my favorites. It begins with a little upbeat indiepop feel to it, building tension with some hi-hat work and echoed crooning. Eventually it takes on the full realm of pop by unleashing the rest of the percussive kit, and increased vocal presence. At about the 1.30 minute mark the song takes a turn and a wall of guitars squall through your speakers; it leaves quite the impression. So, fall in love with the track, and go see the band tomorrow night here in Austin!

Gone Gazin’ with Dayflower

dayflowerI got turned onto this yesterday, and I think it’s about time you get to hear some of the new music coming from Leicester’s Dayflower. They’ve got a heavy buzzsaw influenced shoegaze sound, although, like the best, they drench it in pop sensibility. Sure, it sounds like PoBPaH just a touch, but remember when you really loved that band? I think those of you fawning for C86 days, or just a great song will find yourselves enjoying this track. Embrace the melody, embrace the wall of noise…and let it carry your mind off.

Powerful Shoegaze From Kestrels

unnamed (10)Sometimes when a song hits you at a certain time, you find yourself saying “hell yeah” in your head and jamming right along with the track. I’m finding that mood today with this new track “No Alternative” from Halifax based pop group Kestrels. This is some parts shoegaze, some parts noise pop, and even a little bit of retro rock music similar to Dinosaur Jr. Hit play and maybe you’ll get the same feeling.

Kestrels will release their self-titled debut album on September 30th via Sonic Unyon Records.

Another Tune from Bloody Knives

bloodyI’m pretty sure that if you’re going to pick an album up this weekend, then it should definitely be this great new record from Austin’s Bloody Knives. Their latest single opens up with ambient noise, and then immediately blasts off into the vocal moment of the track, surrounded by feedback, pounding rhythms and a guitar that cuts right through the heart of the tune. Then it slows back into the atmospherics before shooting off again. It’s a statement track for I Will Cut Your Heart Out for This, balancing the beautiful moments with the deeper, noisier tones. One has to be careful to walk the fine line, but these guys do it oh so well. Look for the new LP this Friday via Saint Marie Records.

Dreamy Shoegaze from Overlake

overlakeThere’s two sides of sheogaze being tossed around these days: the heavy and the soft. For Overlake, it seems like they’re taking on the softer side of the genre, unleashing their own wall of buzzing guitars when necessary. But, they also hold back from time to time, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the songs before being flung back into the fray of the chorus’ frayed guitar sound. This tune is featured on the band’s new single, which is just being released this week on the new Travelogue 7″, so be sure to get your hands on it while you can.

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