Show Preview: Bear in Heaven @ The Parish (4/24)

Date Tuesday, April 24th
Location The Parish
Doors 800 pm
Tickets $14 from Frontgate

Just looking at the opening bill for this show at the Parish on Tuesday should get you excited; both Doldrums and Blouse have made big waves in the indie pond this year, earning new fans and much acclaim.  But, the spotlight surely has to be on Bear in Heaven, a band that continues to push themselves.  Their recent release, I Love You It’s Cool, was exceptional in its construction, coming off a great deal brighter than their earlier effort.  You can also be assured that they’ll bring some elaborate lighting/video with them as they did during their recent SXSW performances.  Put that with the always excellent sound at the Parish and we’re all going to have a great night.


Download: Bear in Heaven – The Reflection of You [MP3]


Show Preview: Hunx and His Punx @ Mohawk (4/18)

Date Wednesday, April 18th
Location Mohawk
Doors 900 pm
Tickets $8 from Frontgate

Need a little fix of poppy garage rock on Hump Day, then I think you better do your best to make your way over to Mohawk to catch this excellent show! Opener Hunx and His Punx just released Hairdresser Blues on Hardly Art, and it has some of the best songs he’s written to date, not to mention his always entertaining sets.  Then you’ll get the heavier, yet equally incredible Natural Child from Nashville, intent upon breaking into our hearts and ears.  And opening up the night are two other hot acts in our eyes, Grape Street and The Vomettes.  Probably one of the best line-ups I’ve seen in a bit, so be there or be square.


Download:Hunx and His Punx – Lovers Lane [MP3]


Show Preview: Chairlift @ Mohawk (4/17)

Date Tuesday, April 17th
Location Mohawk
Doors 630 pm
Tickets $12 @ the Door

Sometimes we don’t do our best to cover all the incredible female voices out there in indie rock these days, but that being said, tonight’s show at Mohawk is going to feature some of the best voices of that ilk.  The headliner Chairlift has been a huge success since they first appeared on iPod commercials, but their sound goes a lot deeper than what you’d expect.  Ramona Gonzalez on the other hand is the woman behind Nite Jewel, and her recent album One Second Love has made a huge impact on the Internet, so expect her to wow the crowd as well. Another female artist, Bell, will be opening the evening for us all, so if you’re looking for the musical genius on the female side of things, you know where to be!


Download:Chairlift – Sidewalk Safari [MP3]

Show Preview: The Wolf @ 29th Street Ballroom (4/16)

Date Monday, April 16th
Location 29th Street Ballroom
Doors 10:00 pm
Tickets Cheap

If you are able to recover from the ridiculous amount of great shows in town last week, then you should make it out to 29th Street Ballroom this Monday night.  One of Austin’s rising acts is The Wolf, and you’re going to absolutely fall in love with this band the moment you hear them.  They’ve got elements of surf, psych and all things in between–you can’t get better than that.  Plus, you can also catch one of our favorite acts, Shivery Shakes opening the evening.  Also on the excellent bill are Sexploits and Unknown Relatives.  Perfect way to spend a Monday evening!


Download:The Wolf – Jambourine [MP3]


Show Preview: School of Seven Bells @ Mohawk (4/13)

Date Friday the 13th
Location Mohawk
Doors 800 pm
Tickets $10 from Frontgate

If you’re not worn out from the ridiculous amount of shows in town this week, we’ve got one more we think you should consider as we head into the weekend.  School of Seven Bells have been making dreamy electronic pop for some time, and they recently released their third LP, Ghostory, on Vagrant at the end of February.  Now that the band is a duo, you better expect a killer performance from the band; we personally vouch for their shows. And, if you’re smart, you should get there early to see Exitmusic, one of my favorite groups at the moment.  So, if you’re up to it, this will be a special show worthy of your $10. Be sure to say hi to our photographer Brian Gray; he’s been living at the Mohawk all week.


Download: School of Seven Bells – Lafaye [MP3]

Show Preview: Bowerbirds @ The Parish (4/11)

Date Wednesday, April 11th
Location The Parish
Doors 800 pm
Tickets $15 from Frontgate

The week’s picking up folks, and Wednesday is definitely a doozy. One of the shows we think is worth your time is checking out the Bowerbirds over at the Parish.  I fell in love with their most recent release, The Clearing, which has the group sounding at their best.  Their sound is sort of quieted folk music, so you couldn’t ask for a better venue than going over to the Parish to catch the group.  I have a feeling they’ll be giving an incredibly emotional performance that will leave you talking about it for quite some time.  Dry the River will be opening the evening, so be sure to get their early, as they are another act worthy of your attention.


Download:Bowerbirds – Tuck the Darkness In [MP3]


Show Preview: Megafaun @ Mohawk (4/10)

Date Tuesday, April 10th
Location Mohawk
Doors 900p
Tickets $10 from Frontgate

In a busy week for our rock n’ roll community, this seems like a great place to start off with previews, unless you catch ATDIMegafaun has quietly been making a name for themselves with their gentle brand of folk rock–and we’ve love every bit of it. Their self-titled album from the fall of last year received some great praise all over the Internet, and it should say something that they’ve been chosen to pack Mohawk right after the Hold Steady finishes. Also on the bill for the evening is Field Report and Dana Falconberry, designed to perfectly whet your appetite for the Faun.  Come on, it’s time for us all to get out and take in the great music we’re so privileged to have come into town.


Download: Megafaun – State/Meant [MP3]

Show Preview: Pure X @ Red Seven (4/6)

Date Friday, April 6th
Location Red 7
Doors 900p
Tickets $8 from Transmission

If you’re not going out of town to be with family for Easter, then you’re in good shape, as there’s some great local music going on all weekend long in Austin.  The first set that caught my eye was Friday’s show over at Red 7 featuring Pure X.  Personally, I thought their album, Pleasure, from last year was one of the best things coming out of town.  And, the few times I’ve seen them, they’ve definitely impressed me with their ability to pull that stuff off live.  Opening acts for the evening will be Troller and God’s Gun.  So, if you’re looking for good tunes Friday, make your way over to Red 7 friends!


Download: Pure X – Dry Ice [MP3]

Fashion Freakout 5 @ The Mohawk w/ OBN IIIs…

I’m honestly not really sure what Fashion Freakout 5 really entails, other than the fact that some of Austin’s vintage stores will be setting up shop in some fashion or another over at the Mohawk.  What I do want to highlight are the excellent bands that will be holding it down for you all night, with some of the best in Austin’s punk/rock scene.  You’ll get our performance favorites in OBN IIIs, but you’ll also get bright newcomers in Fleshlights (they put out an excellent release in 2011), not to mention A Giant Dog.  The doors open at 7 PM, and if you haven’t gotten your hands on a ticket yet, you can pick one up at the door for $12.  It’s an excellent weekend for local Austin music, so please attend!


Download:OBN IIIs – New Innocence [MP3]

Show Preview: Grimes @ Lamberts (2/29)

Date Wednesday, Feb. 29th
Location Grimes
Doors 930p
Tickets SOLD OUT!!

It’s a shame and a bonus that the much heralded Grimes is playing at Lamberts on Wednesday evening.  On the plus side, she sold the show out rather quickly, but on the down side, fewer people will get to experience the hubbub surrounding the young singer.  Still, those that adored her recent album, Visions, will probably get to see one of  her more intimate shows on this tour; you’ll all be luckily packed in tight to see her performance.  Opening the night is another excellent act, Born Gold, so don’t get all Austin and skip out on the opener. Didn’t see any tickets on Craigslist yesterday, but people sure seemed willing to sell tickets for some Drake character. Sample some joyous tunes from Grimes.


Download:Grimes – Genesis [MP3]

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