Shrouded Strangers Have New Music

I’ve spent a great bit of time covering Shrouded Strangers in the past, but it’s been a hot minute sine Teleport Beach (their last LP) dropped. Luckily, the band reached out to us and pointed me in the direction of a few new songs they’re sharing to get you amped for Night Prancing. Upon my first listen, the band still employs their affinity for fuzzy pop stylings, those these seem to have evaded the traditional pitfalls of pop music as of late. Honestly, when I first heard these tunes, it almost sounded like a more fuzzy version of Grandaddy (or what I envisioned for old Elf Power); it makes me giddy thinking of the great potential this song holds. The whole LP drops on June 25th via Infinite Repeats/Burger Records.

New Music from Shrouded Strangers

Shrouded Strangers have a new LP coming out pretty soon, and I’m really digging the sound of the future. To my ears, it sounds like they’re taking on a fuzzy blend of old school college rock. Sure, there’s a natural melody that comes through, but little bits of guitar distortion bleed through the speakers and a layer of atmospherics ride the top of the whole tune. Still, don’t deny that there’s a hook waiting for audiences, reminding me of The Comas (RIP). Night Prancing is the title of the new effort, and it should be reaching us all at some point in the near future.

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