Mesmerizing New Track From Silver Firs

b7206d73-0200-4ec9-a8d9-71935176a766Silver Firs is another band who have received some positive press on this here website once or twice before in the past.  I’ve always enjoyed this sort of earthy, tribal and mesmerizing sounds they seem to create over and over again.  This new song “Icarus” is another one of those tracks that is sure to evoke images of the beautiful Swiss countryside.  You will definitely want to pay attention to this band in the future (if you weren’t already).

This track is available on EP #2 due out August 8th.

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Great New Song from Silver Firs

Sometimes in order to run this site, I have to seek out things other than my inbox (and other than P4k or Stereogum), so I often hit up various site, like I Guess I’m Floating; that’s where I found this wonderful new song from Silver Firs.  There’s more of a haunting indie rock chant associated with this song, rather than actualy lyrics, but the mood of the music is quite affecting.  You can find this jam, and more, when you pick up the self-titled album from this Swiss group.  It’s a casual number, but one that I hope you enjoy.


Download: Silver Firs – Away We Go [MP3]