Obligatory Post: Omni Share New Tune/Announce Album

A little ways back, Omni announced that they’d signed to the giant Sub Pop, and today they’ve shared that a new album is on the way! Networker will be the Atlanta trio of post-punkers’ third full length LP, and it will be gracing our ears on November 1. From the sound of “Sincerely Yours,” it appears that we’ll be getting more of what we love from Omni–impossibly angular guitar riffs, the playful, yet full of swagger vocals delivery of front man Phillip Frobos and crisp percussion. Part of the allure of any Omni track is that you know exactly what you’re getting into, but that doesn’t make you any less inclined to hang on every word and riff. Take a listen below and pre-order Networker here.

New Music from JJ

While JJ continues to change their sound, albeit slightly (see the R&B influence below), I always find myself drawn to the music.  There’s something about the way the music evolves in the track, fusing with the vocal melodies in a light-hearted fashion that just tugs at my musical heartstrings.  Luckily, I came across a few new tracks from the group (via GvsB ) which you can grab over at Sincerely Yours. There’s still an element of electronica that bleeds through, but the arrangements with the strings create something altogether special.  Perhaps these new singles hint at the possible upcoming of JJ No. 4.  Who knows, but I’m sure we can just enjoy listening to this track for the rest of the week.


Download: JJ – No One Can Touch Us Tonight [MP3]