Have Another From Tim Cohen

Our dear amigo Tim Cohen has quickly established himself as someone who is in the “can do no wrong” category at this point in his musical career. Wether it be his work in Fresh & Onlys, or as a solo musician, the guy’s music is loved by the entire ATH staff. Currently working on a new solo album, we’ve already heard “Goodness” from the LP, and now he’s offered up another new single called “I’m a Girl”. I shall let the single speak for itself and just say that you should most definitely check out this album when it drops. Educate yourself.

Tim Cohen will release new album The Modern World on September 28th via Sinderlyn.

A New Track from Tim Cohen

Tim Cohen seems to have slowed down a bit the last few years, but there’s never a day when I wouldn’t listen to something he’s crafted. He’s just announced a new record, and shared the single that’s below. There’s a soulful brood in the verses, something he’s grown into over the last few solo releases. You’ll find the chorus a bit playful, and perhaps that’s by design, giving a slight nod to pop structures…and it all sets up the closing “whose.” His new LP is titled The Modern World, and it drops on September 28th via Sinderlyn.

Circling Back on Jaye Bartell

Still playing catch up on last week, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t just throw this Jaye Bartell tune out into the world, as it seems to have mistakenly slipped by the world. This track features on his new effort, In a Time of Trouble, which is being dropped this Friday via Sinderlyn. I love the heavy tones of his voice, particularly the way they dominate my listening in this track. To me, it sounds like a tune that would charm at a sock-hop, even with those little guitar flourishes; I feel as if I’d be best suited to swing around with my love in a patient circle. Like I said, don’t sleep on this track like I did.

New Video from Fresh and Onlys

Tomorrow is the day we’ll all get to hear Wolf Lie Down in its entirety, but before the release, Fresh and Onlys have given us one last video/track to steer us in the right direction. There’s a Dali-esque quality to the video, with shapes bending and dripping…not to mention splicing it with creative band shots. On the track, it’s a long burner, filled with some really great guitar playing atop the steady drum pace. I really like the production on all the songs we’ve heard, which is probably while I’ll be picking up the new record tomorrow from Sinderlyn.

This New Cults Track Is a Jam

If there’s one thing Cults know how to do, it’s craft an undeniable hit. They create the sort of pop music that cross boundaries of hipsterdom into mass culture. That being said, you listen to the new tune they just dropped, and you’ll be enjoying the synth textures colliding with the vocals of Madeline Follin. I didn’t expect to imagine myself swinging about my classroom, shuffling my feet as I hand out the first day syllabus, but this tune definitely gives me that vibe. Look out for Offering on October 6th via Sinderlyn.

Never a Bad Day for a Fresh and Onlys Tune

While my fandom for Fresh and Onlys is pretty well-known by this point, I think their new LP could definitely turn more heads. On their latest single, you’ll hear a clarity that’s been building since the band’s earliest days. Still, they bring in these hook-laden riffs/vocals during the chorus…possibly offering the most pop moment of the band’s lengthy career. Honestly, it sounds like they removed the distortion from aTerry Malts record, and slowed things down…which in my mind is pretty fucking cool. Look for Wolf Lie Down to hit stores on August 25th via Sinderlyn.

The Fresh & Onlys Return

It’s been quite some time since we’ve had an official release from The Fresh & Onlys, despite getting lots from Tim Cohen and Wymond on solo projects. In my mind, the band are moving further and further away from their psych sound, which isn’t all bad, if you’re asking. Sounds like the band have sort of a rolling rock thing going, kicking out energy, though not going to heavy on the riffs; imagine a softer side of Terry Malts and you’ll get what I’m hearing. Wolf Lie Down is the band’s new record, and it comes out on August 25th via Sinderlyn.

Really Enjoying This New Walter TV Tune

I didn’t want to like this; I have some weird grudge against the constant Mac DeMarco hype, and members of Walter TV play with said artist. That being said, this tune grabbed me almost immediately, pushing forward with this rolling groove that almost indicated a surf rock jam was coming. But, instead, they take that energy and give it some dreamy vocals to dance atop the mix. It’s hooks grab you quick, which is great, as the song barely lasts beyond the 2 minute mark. Fan of swelling pop? Look for Carpe Diem on August 4th via Sinderlyn.

Another Rocker from Vaguess

We’re pushing towards the weekend, so you need something energetic to pick up the pace and get you there…especially if you hit the town last night. I’ve written about Vaguess before, and while there first single was an energetic burst of noisy rock, this one has a whole lot more hook to it, though it’s equally as short. I like the fact that they’re mixing up the sounds slightly, which should make Guilt Ring steer clear of falling in the trap of redundancy. The album is being released by Sinderlyn next week, March 3rd to be exact. Bring me those rocking hooks!

Jaye Bartell Shares New Track With Angel Olsen

Jaye Bartell has been crafting poetic tunesfor a while now, spinning new tunes to match the passing of time. 2017 sees him recording new material, including these two tracks you can take a listen to below. While both feature his distinct vocals and elegant songwriting, each has their own strengths. The first song, “Dance With Me,” includes the beautiful addition of vocals from Angel Olsen to harmonize with Bartell’s dulcet tones. It’s a gorgeous track that reminds me a bit of some Silver Jews tunes. If you stick around and spin the second song, “Slow Going,” you’ll be pulled in by the storytelling that Bartell brings to the table. Take a listen and enjoy these beautiful tunes.

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