Did You Die Share Latest Single

When you’re struggling, sometimes you have those go-to sounds that make you feel safe; I think going to this Did You Die track definitely helped me out; it was like throwing an anxiety blanket on my eardrums, in the best possible way. I love how there’s this wall of fuzz that bleeds through your speakers, and while I’m all about that sound, they peel it back like a banana, revealing this ripe pop sensibility that I thought really made the song sparkle. Definitely feels like the perfect way to fade into the weekend with a nice little noisy buzz, if you’re asking me.

Colourmusic Returns with Pool Party EP

We’ve been longtime followers of Oklahoma outfit Colourmusic, and we’re always grateful when they drop something new into the world. They just dropped their Pool Party EP, and I think its a perfect collection of tunes, offering up the perfect balance between their noisier experimental moves and their traditional quirky pop tendencies. The title track, which we’ve got below, has this sort of slinky bob and weave, with singer Ryan howling through the drum and tambourine stomp. I’ve been really enjoying listening to “Pink Moon” quite a bit too, but you know I’m a sucker for a good pop feel. For me, the band are still experimenting with sound, which warrants an award all its own…but you could just stream the new EP too!

Slow Caves Share New Single

Feel like we should start this week off with something on the dreamier side of things, like this new track from Slow Caves. For me, I was really digging on the fact that it appropriately balances the better parts of Britpop with the heavier shoegaze sounds. That fuzz and distortion, however, hangs in the song’s background, so it’s not overbearing, allowing the band’s pop sensibility to kind of shine through that atmospheric wash of guitar noise. I really loved the ending vocals, with the way “not ok” kind of hits a higher, more urgent note; it reminded me in a lot of ways of Ash…which is never a bad thing. Enjoy!

Cocktails Share Bun E. Carlos Single

One thing you’ve got to do if you’re going to reference Bun E. Carlos in a song title is you better make damn sure that your track’s catchy and full of pop hooks. Lucky for you and Cocktails, the band have concocted their own swaggering pop rock anthem, perfect for you to enjoy all those daydreams staring out your window wishing you were having fun down at the beach with your mates. Looks like Patrick gets a little vocal help from Lauren (of Seablite) and others to really blend that warm melody into the songs hook. If you want to turn it up and rock n’ roll, be ready to grab Catastrophic Entertainment, which drops on July 1st.

Intimate Track From Joe Vann

It’s Friday in a scorching hot Austin, TX and it seems like a perfect day to introduce you fans to a new up and coming artist. Today my focus turns to solo artist Joe Vann who writes and records his own music out of his apartment in New York City. His first exposure to the music world is this single called “Shuffle Around” which is an intimate, stripped down tune. Obviously the focus of this song is Vann’s voice which is certainly worth the focus as he commands the song with his hushed, yet entrancing performance.

Joe Vann will be releasing a full length solo album sometime later this year.

Cotillon Releases Cruiser

Today you can finally get your hands or your ears on Cotillon‘s new album, Cruiser, and what better way to honor that release than to turn our attention towards the title track. It opens with little audio bites and this guitar line that seems suspended in thin air; it’s a sensation of weightlessness crafted by the textured sounds Jordan Corso has managed to craft. That guitar line hangs in throughout the tune, though other little layers sit atop, like the vocals or that guitar line sliding in and out of focus, all of it blossoming near the two minute mark for a euphoric bop that carries us to the end. Sample this tune and if you’re so inclined, go invest a little time in the full LP available today!

Aquarian Blood Share New Tune + ATX Show Tonight at Vegas

You’d think a band comprised of members of Ex Cult and NOTS (formerly) would have some sort of monstrous presence in a new project. But, that’s exactly why I love Aquarian Blood, and in fact, why I’ve always loved rock n’ roll. This isn’t a banger, or a ripper; it’s a stripped down ballad that’s about as intimate as they come. The vocals are wholly solemn, almost weary from a live well-lived. I guess for me, the band just hit that sweet spot of not-quite folk; you can hear the musical lineage on both sides of the coin, particularly with the great arrangements fleshing out the tune. This tune will be on A Love That Leads to War, the new LP out October 11th via Goner Records.

Plus! If you’re in Austin, you can catch the band with Thigh Master at Hotel Vegas tonight!

Cool Sounds Have More to Enjoy

It hasn’t taken long for Cool Sounds to follow up their excellent Cactus Country with another new LP, More to Enjoy. Today, we’re super glad to share the title track from the new LP, offering up this textural blend between psychedelia and tropicalia; it’s an intoxicating mixture of pop sensation you won’t want to miss. The band almost opens up with this classic rock vibe, harkening back to a late 60s groove, but then begin to weird it up as they build in a nice rhythmic underbelly. You’ll find the vocals have this natural wistfulness, they’re bright and melodic, but also seem to be out there searching…though ultimately finding there’s “nowhere to go.” The new LP will be out this Fall via Osborne Again and Meritorio Records.

Sachet Share New Single

When one ship sinks, sometimes a new ship sets sail, as is the case of Lani and Sam, who have embarked upon a new ocean voyage with Sachet…whilst their old band, Day Ravies lays at the bottom of the sea. Our first listen to the band’s new album has the group slicing up angular guitars licks like they’re going out of fashion. Lani’s vocals, however, offer this heavy dosage of pop sensibility, churning it into higher octaves to further the band’s lofty goals of hook-laden post-punk. They turn the song’s direction towards scuzzier pop methods around the 1:30 mark, only to circle back to wrap the tune up. This jam will appear on Nets, which drops in September courtesy of Tenth Court.

New Single & Video From Tiny Moving Parts

I’ve always had an affinity for the sounds of Minnesota based Tiny Moving Parts. The boys create a a very unique post-emo sound with my favorite screaming vocal elements similar to peers like Restorations or maybe even an Against Me. Yesterday brought a welcome surprise from the band when they announced a new 7″ single featuring two brand spanking new track. The A-side of the single, “For the Sake of Brevity”, is posted below and is sure to delight true fans of the group’s emotionally driven, raw take on their music.

The new 7″ inch vinyl is available now from Triple Crown Records.

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