Track Premiere: Male Gaze

MaleGazePRPhoto1.165438Male Gaze is a San Francisco based band we’ve talked about on this here website several times in the past and I know Nathan and myself have grown to admire them over the last year or so. With our fandom also comes a strong desire to share their songs with the world and spread the good word. Today I’m excited to do exactly that with this brand new single premiering here today entitled “Bad Omens”. This one is a perfect way to kick off your weekend in a frantic and energetic way. Seriously, this band seems to play at such a fast pace but also play everything with perfect timing and superb musicianship. Enjoy the new single below.

Male Gaze will release King Leer via Castle Face Records on June 17th.

New Jam From Tennis System

unnamed (19)I’ve talked about Tennis System several times on this here website and I’ve always enjoyed their ever evolving sound. Today this new single called “Here We Go” might just be the most impressive piece of material I’ve heard from the band since their earlier beginnings. I’m really digging the break down of the chorus here with the lead guitar wail and perfectly driving drum hits. It’s a hit.

Tennis System will release this track as a new single out on Friday via Papercup Music. A new full length is coming sometime later this summer. Oh and stay tuned as the band will be in town for SXSW.

New Single & Video From Fruit Bats

unnamed (16)Over the years I’ve made plenty of posts on this site about Fruit Bats and their Americana sound. Today I’m pleased to share with you a brand new single from Eric Johnson and company entitled “From A Soon-To-Be Ghost Town”. Once again the listener is treated to a unique take on the indie folk/country genre. The driving and rambling sounds make me want to head out on the open road.

Fruit Bats will releaseAbsolute Loser on May 13th via Easy Sound Recordings.

ATX Single: Sharks in the Deep End

unnamed (2)We have somehow failed in the past by not mentioning Austin band Sharks in the Deep End and their infectious pop tunes. Today I remedy this error by posting their new wave sounding tune called “Shadows in the Sunset”. I’m loving the heavy, driving bass line and the overall catchy feel to the song. Seriously, how could one not love this?

Sharks in the Deep End will release Killin’ Machine on April 16th

Fresh Single from Great American Canyon Band

12239231_10156232362360068_2759024979203893259_oThe last time we heard from Great American Canyon Band was a few years back when RayRay turned us all onto the act. But, the band have jumped back into the swing with a new single that will feature on their brand new album, coming out in early 2016. It’s the sort of drifting folk stylings that people seem gravitate towards, bringing warm harmonies and filling in the empty spaces with sliding guitar chords. It’s a return to simple structures and perfect execution, which makes the listen all the more enjoyable…so lets be on the lookout for the group in 2016.

ATX Song Premiere: Dream Attics

10012187_700504140062304_4749605522334607763_o (1)Prior to about 3 days ago I knew almost nothing about Austin band Dream Attics and I should apologize to the band and their fans right now.  With that out of the way, I’d like to introduce and hype up the band as much as possible because their music is certainly worthy of your time.  Today you can get a sample of the sounds created with this new single from the band called “Still”.  In a short few words, this is a truly enjoyable bit of dream pop music that is equal parts shiny and mesmerizing.  I’d say we all need to start paying attention to Dream Attics.  They also have some more music over on their bandcamp page.

Driving New Single From WYLDR

unnamed (2)Though I know very little about up and coming L.A. based outfit WYLDR, I do know that their new single “Savage” is a hit.  It’s a driving, anthem style pop-rock tune full of synths and catchy beats to boot.  Sure it’s a little bit on the sappy side, but I think most of us can get behind their sentiment from time to time.

The Gypsy Queen EP will drop on December 1st.

New Aussie Find: Meet the Miners

minersIn case you couldn’t tell about my adoration for all things Oceanic, I reckoned I’d got on a hunt for something brand new that might brighten your day. It’s a little band by the name of Miners, and man, their Pala EP is a pretty special listen. I chose the track below, as it provides a little energetic kick to your day, but you’ll find dreamier gazier undertones in some of the other songs contained within its confines.  It did just come out on tape in AUS, but the rest of us can just pick it up HERE.

Little Pick Me Up from Cold Fronts

coldfrontsThere’s nothing wrong with a great pop song, and I can guarantee that this new track from Cold Fronts is probably one of the best pop tunes you’ll hear on this Friday. While Craig Almquist might appear like some scuzzy gutter-punk, his project seems fueled by exuberant hooks; there are certain parts of this song that I just can’t get out of my damn head…though I reckon there are worse things. His Forever Whatever LP is coming out in a few weeks (10/23) via Sire Records; he was picked up by Seymour Stein if that means anything to you suckers!

Melodic Noise Pop from Dead Leaf Echo

deadleafDead Leaf Echo have been hard at work on their newest LP, the follow up to Thought and Language, but in the meantime they give us a glimpse of their direction with this splendid shoegaze ditty.  Like the best of the genre, the melodic core of this song is the most important aspect, drawing in the listener. Meanwhile, there is a light bit of atmospheric guitar swirling around the core, creating a song worthy of repeated listens while you’re sitting at home. This new single will be released on a new 7″ on September 15th, which you can order HERE while you away the new record.

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