Interesting Pop Tune From The Dig

I10615486_10152352010061222_760884989755851137_n‘ve followed NYC outfit The Dig for several years now and have always appreciated the band’s ability to ever evolve their sounds and styles.  Today I’m pleased to share with you even further evolution from the group with this impressive new pop track called “Fourth of July”.  Pardon the irony of the timing in the song title, hit play and imagine this as a great addition to your party playlist for the weekend.  It’s a little bit of psych rock mixed in with some really intriguing pieces of quirky pop music.  Stay tuned for more information about an upcoming full length release.

Spirited Single from Redspencer

redIt’s currently raining, or feigning thunderstorms, so I needed something to get me over the weather, and this Redspencer tune sounds like a pretty solid way to start it off. The guitars ring out brightly, and there’s a relaxed cool that comes in with the vocals.  These Aussie lads have been making ways overseas, and they look to have an impact here too with the release of their brand debut EP.  Deaf Ambitions will release it this coming June, brightening your listening habits just a little bit.

Get Rowdy With Pujol

PujolWhen looking for a little rowdy rock fun with some dashes of pop sprinkled here and there, one need look no further than Nasvhille based Pujol.  Long a staple on ATH, Daniel Pujol and his band of misfits create their own unique brand of rock n roll that can be called garage rock, punk rock, or even indie rock dependent on who you ask.  However you like to label the guy, you can’t deny his songwriting capabilities.  Today we have a new rowdy and rockin’ track to enjoy called “June Bug”.  This one appears on an exclusive Record Store Day release as a split single with fellow Nashville artist Meth Dad.

P.S. – Record store day is this weekend dummies.  You’re welcome.

Great New Single From The Mary Onettes

untitledA quick search here on ATH for The Mary Onettes will quickly yield a plethora of results telling you all you need to know about our love affair for the band.  Since the release of their 2014 album Portico, we haven’t heard much from the band so I was overjoyed today to hear news of this stellar single “Ruins”.  The track features some beautiful guest vocals from Selebrities leading lady Maria Usbeck combined with the typical brooding, snyth heavy bit of pop we’ve come to expect from the band.  Those looking for a take with you version of the new single can purchase an MP3 via iTunes.

Ski Lodge Return to Smooth Out the Edges

skierIt’s been a bit since we’ve heard from Ski Lodge, and I’m glad to see the band’s return…I loved Big Heart.  While their first effort seemed to hold tight to the realm of indiepop, they look to go with a smoother, larger pop sound behind the efforts of main songwriter, Andrew Marr.  You’ll still hear huge harmonies and melodies bursting forth, though in a different fashion…those touches have been polished to sound more like a band working in a hi-fi studio. The “Trust” 7″ will be available for pop fans on February 23rd.

Jeremy Jay form Dystopian Violet

1040150_1592993227601811_4312947698220765168_oLong has ATH supported the work of Jeremy Jay, and we’re not backing down on giving his writing our full support, as he now officially has a band, Dystopian Violet.  Our first glimpse at the band has them picking up 0n the warm tones that Jay has often employed, though I hear a slight difference in the way his voice was recorded for the track.  Unfortunately, this track will not be released on the group’s forthcoming LP, but it’s a separate 7″ that should see the light of day shortly.  This is the perfect way for our week to start.

Enchanting Number from SPELLES

spellsI’ve grown into my appreciation for female-fronted acts over the last few years.  It’s not to say that I didn’t appreciate it early on; I just have focused more on the sound of the voice as an instrument.  That’s opened me up to acts like Chelsea Wolfe and Sharon Van Etten…and SPELLES seem to be onto the same track, though there’s a darkness to the musical world being crafted by Kathryn Baar.  There’s really light instrumentation added to back up Baar, which is mostly piano; it makes for a brooding tune that builds slowly.  This single is available now.

I’m Stuck on School

swedefishschoolSure. I went back to teaching this week, so technically, yes, I’m stuck on school.  But for this purpose, I’m talking about the delightful Swedish quartet, School (not to be confused with the School).  There’s just something super enchanting about the bounce kicked off by the snare work in conjunction with those surf-style guitar licks; or, maybe I’m also stuck on singer Alice’s wonderful voice.  Regardless, this is a band I’m rather excited about at the moment, which probably isn’t that great a feat considering I’m a sucker for a nice melody.  You can also check a cool little performance video the band tossed out for this single HERE.

Grungy Pop from Virgin Kids

virginIn case no one else out there obsessively follows their favorite labels, I’m here to help you with that job today.  Art is Hard Records tossed up this little gem from Virgin Kids last Friday, and it made its way into my weekend rotation, getting so many spins I had to share it with you. The three-piece London outfit really has two sides of this song; they offer a pretty straight-forward guitar pop piece up front, but get all distorted in the middle of the song, letting the chords ring loud.  Heavier parts of the song come in strong, but they’re short-lived, as to be sure not to wear out their welcome amid such a pop-centric feel.  Enjoy this one.

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