New Slow Burner From Chase King

This new tune “Bed of Lies” from songwriter Chase King is the perfect slow burner for those of you kicking off a road trip or perhaps enjoying some time under the Texas night sky.  It’s a song that mixes Mark Kozlek’s sounds with a few parts of old school Elliot Smith and then leaves you wondering what you just heard.  I dig that.  A new album from Chase South Tropical Trail is due out July 24th on Wonderland Archive.


Download: Chase King – Bed of Lies [MP3]

New Jam From Yawn

Those of you looking for a nice jam to nod your head to while spending some time at the pool, or by the beach this summer, should really check out this new song “Ganymede” from Chicago band Yawn.  It’s a killer tune that evokes the stylings of Yeasayer and puts another solid band into the elctro-pop game.  This song actually appears on new EP from the band Happy Tears that the band is graciously offering for free download over on their website.  Check it out.


Download: Yawn – Ganymede [MP3]

Spritely Pop Tune from Alpaca Sports

When I found this gem in my inbox, I tried to look up some info, as the hooks made it nearly impossible to ignore this group.  In truth, there is little information on Alpaca Sports at the moment, other than that it’s a solo project of Andreas Jonsson of Sweden, filling out his sound with the help of friends.  One thing is for sure, the Internet seems pleased with this tune, as its popped up in various places aside from ours.  This single is extra playful, reminding me of recent tracks by Hospitality.  If this track doesn’t get your toe tapping or put a smile on your face, please consult your doctor immediately.


Download:Alpaca Sports – Just for fun [MP3]

New Rocker from Black Twig

There’s not a hotter label in my mind right now than Soliti Music, and the killer label has been generous enough to share us this incredible new track from Black Twig.  The group will be releasing their album Paper Trees via the label on January 11th, and as of right now, this is one of my most anticipated records for 2012.  In this newest single you’ll find jagged guitars jangling, but it’s the vocal that really grips you; it’s calming, which juxtaposes the furiously beautiful noise that bounces through the rest of the song.  If you’ve heard anything better this week than this track, then give me a heads up, as I don’t think you will.


Download: Black Twig – Death Scene [MP3]

New Single From Tallest Man On Earth

Those of you who haven’t checked out the new Adult Swim single series should really head over to the site and see what they have to offer.  Already having posted great new songs by Best Coast, Mastadon, and to How to Dress Well, they seem to know what’s up in the music game.  Today the site posted this great new single by long time ATH favorite Tallest Man on Earth.  The song “Weather of a Killing Kind” evokes all those great feelings we’ve grown to love from Matsson and solidifies his claim as one of the best singer song writers around.

In other TMOE news, we somehow missed posting on his new song “In the Pockets” which is a new jam being packaged with the re-release of Matsson’s debut EP on Gravitation/Dead Oceans (out now BTW).  You can stream that new one via One Thirty BPM.


Download: Tallest Man On Earth – Weather of a Killing Kind [MP3]

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