More Synthy Indiepop from Coastal

Fanou, formerly of Skittle Alley, gave us Voyage Intererieur earlier this year, and already he’s back with a whole new batch of synth-driven indiepop songs under the name Coastal. I love how his electronic aspects don’t overshadow his indiepop tendencies, instead combining them into one organic collection of concise pop tunes. he has this way of elongating the tension until your ready for the release. Of the tracks present on Endless Summer, I think I’m gravitating towards “The Time” as my personal favorite…definitely holds the heaviest beat. If you’re interested, then mosey on over to Discos de Kirlian to get your hands on these tracks.

Synth Pop from Coastal

For awhile now I’ve been on the heels of Discos de Kirlian, the Spanish label specializing in delighting fans with great indiepop. In fact, the label is responsible for Skittle Alley, which has graced these little web pages; that remains important because Fanou is the writer behind Coastal. There’s a debut in the works, and the understated beauty of this tune is perfect for indiepop and electronic fans alike; you can hear the textural work behind the song, made perfect by the softness in the presentation of the vocals. As of today, the whole Voyage Interieur album is available, so feel free to enjoy it over HERE!


New Indiepop from Skittle Alley

Skittle Alley has quietly been a huge part of my indiepop listening for some time, and thanks to IPSML for the heads-up on a brand new tune from the group. This song seems to take the airy guitar jangle and put it in cyclical motion, gently working atop what appears to be sampled percussive beats. But, while you think you have this track figured out, you’ll soon fine that the samples pick up pace, carrying a little energy into your speakers. Just don’t think that the charm established in the first minute will fade, as songwriting like this guarantees maximum charm until the end. Here’s holding out hope that this signals a great new release from the group in the near future.

Stream Skittle Alley’s End of a Story

Life got you down? No energy? Well, Skittle Alley is here to make the world a little bit better. They’re spritely indiepop is precisely what’s needed to uplift the spirits. “When She Dance” immediately had me smiling with its ringing guitar chords working over tight percussive lines. Or, you can jump to the end to find a dreamy dose with “They Can’t Cast a Shadow,” allowing your soul to float into the world with a warm grin. Indiepop might not be for everyone, but I promise you can’t turn away from End of a Story; I suggest downloading it immediately!

Fresh Indiepop from Skittle Alley

We’ve been teased with demos and album covers, but now we finally get to hear new Skittle Alley (thanks to IPSML for the heads-up). It almost immediately meets my expectations, offering up that slight jangling, circular guitar before bringing in softened vocals. I’m particularly excited by how the second guitar line joins up a little way in, bringing in another layer and added spirit to an already delightful tune. Their new album, End of a Story, comes out on the 18th of April, and I feel confident in saying that it’s going to jump to the head of the pack…as far as indiepop releases go!

Dream Pop from Skittle Alley

Skittle Alley brought their dreamy indiepop to my attention a while ago, and it looks like the French act are back to their old tricks with a brand new tune for offering. This one is just a demo, so it will be interesting to see if the bare bones of this song leave room for pop explosiveness; I definitely hear spots where you could throw in some heavy synth work and jangling guitar notes. It’s always interesting to hear how your favorite bands work their craft, so have a listen to see where your favorite indiepop gems come from today.

More from Skittle Alley

skittlesFor a long while now, we’ve been praising the work of Skittle Alley, and they are slowly unleashing early versions of the tracks that will fill up their new LP. It’s light-hearted indiepop, filled with jangling guitar work, precision percussion and a really warm vocal.  These are the kinds of songs that true indiepop fans dream about.  The French act haven’t released much information on their upcoming LP, but the songs they’ve been leaking out are nothing short of superb…get acquainted.

Skittle Alley Unleash Two More Demos

skittlesCan these guys release an album already! Earlier this year we were treated to a nice little studio demo of a new Skittle Alley tune, and just yesterday they unleashed two more great tunes in the demo version; they have me, as well as other indiepop fans aching for the group’s new album. One of the tunes is an oldie that was recorded, while the other just seems to be a beautiful new piece that will hopefully appear from the band later.  It doesn’t matter where or when really, as we should spend the rest of our day just appreciating these delightful tunes, so here you go.

Skittle Alley Are Back At It

10477397_10152746068322091_6991957065971955556_nI feel like I’ve been neglecting my one true love, indiepop as of late.  But, luckily I was treated to a magical new tune from Skittle Alley while browsing the Internet today.  As of now, the tune is titled as a “demo,” but I kind of hope they keep the aesthetic going into the mastering process. There’s a twinkling effect to the guitars, and the vocals are delivered perfectly, leaving your heart dreaming, just as great indiepop should do. No word on when will get to hear an entire album worth of material, but if it keeps going in this direction it’s going to be marvelous.

Indiepop Joy from Skittle Alley

10523116_10152579979492091_287849880994909169_nGotta throw a nod towards my friend at IPSMYL for pointing out this great new track from Skittle Alley; it’s made my day just to know this track is out there.  I’ve written about the French group before, and they’ve lived up, and perhaps surpassed my expectations with this tune, even if it’s labeled as a demo.  I honestly don’t think it needs much more…the vocals have that indiepop softness, the guitars jangle in all the right places and there’s an overall emotional appeal that makes the song worth repeating over and over again.  Can’t wait to see what’s next from these guys.

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