New To You: Fresh Dreampop From Skytone

Skytone are a two piece 80s synth pop group who hail from Ottawa, Ontario, and they’re on their way to releasing an album on TheBeautiful Music.From that, they dropped this single “Here and Now” about a month ago, but somehow missed my radar until now. It’s a good summer tune: bouncy bass lines, breezy guitar riffs, and twee synths greet you pretty much instantly when you press play. The melody is lovely, with lyrics talking about wanting to stay in a moment, which is the kind vibe that summer time tends to lend itself to. It’s pretty hard not to groove along with the group for the four minute track, so I’d go ahead and give in and press play below.

Skytone Drop Jangling Pop Hits

Ottawa’s Skytone don’t really fit into a neat little package for consumers, but that’s precisely why I love the group. Sure, their brand new album Jangle Waves has the aforementioned jangling, but there are also moments that lean towards swinging croons like in “Second Hand Shops.” They almost adopt a beach vibe with “Missing You” only to move into dreamy pop territory with the following tune, “Lonely Holiday.” Throughout the listen, you’ll likely find yourself enveloped in warm harmonies reminiscent of the sun you’re trying to avoid outside your window; it’s the power of pure pop at its best, and it’s available now so go grab it!

Pure Summer Jangly Jam From Skytone

skytoneSKYTONE is a two-piece band out of Ottawa who have a brand new track that is sure to make you break out a sweat from dancing in the summer sun. I know you’ve been looking for a way to extend the weekend and so I’m glad to share “Second Hand Shops” with you. It’s the perfect blend of jangly guitars and surfy vibes, and even includes hand-claps! You get lyrics that will tickle your summer-feelings: “I don’t care what they say about tomorrow,” and a chorus that begs you to leave it all behind. Skytone have got a real winner of a single here, and I highly suggest you take a listen and heed their advice.