Top Albums of 2017

Lists are arbitrary and burdensome, but why not join the fun everyone else is having? We gathered our lists, separate lists for all of us, then combined them into one that had 50 albums. What you get here are the four writers/contributors of ATH, giving you their meaningless opinions on what we thought was the jam in 2017. It’s alphabetical, and we put the initials next to it so you could track down your enemy!


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New Sleaford Mods Video

A lot of us are spending are time lately worrying about how much we hate Donald Trump, but let’s not forget that our UK brethren have their own issues…not too far unlike our own. Sleaford Mods, of course, will always take aim at the monarchy…always take aim at those exploiting others. This video accompanies their latest single, kicking it with this bubbling bass line, while the rest of the song seems revolves around a synthetic beat…it’s like LCD Soundsytem if they had a political bent and were still relevant. You’ll find this song on the group’s new LP, English Tapas, hitting on March 3rd.

Exclusive B-Side on the New Sleaford Mods 7″

sleafIf you didn’t get your hands on last year’s Divide and Exit LP from the Sleaford Mods, then perhaps you missed the boat.  The UK act was all over year end lists, and I’ve got a certain fondness for the duo.  Musically, they’re definitely in the vein of punk rock: brutal all the way.  But, what’s more punk to me are the vocals from Jason.  It’s semi-spoken word, semi-rap, yet there’s no subject matter that’s off limits, including relegation rovers, QPR.  They’ve got a 7″ featuring one of the catchy tracks off that LP, but it’ll have an exclusive B-Side, which we also have below.  Emotional Response is responsible for the single, so get it while it’s hot! Here’s “A Little Ditty” and “I’m Shit at It.”

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