FT5: Why Fun x3 Fest Is One Of The Best Music Festivals Around

So, last week saw the unveiling of the 2010 Fun Fun Fun Fest lineup by the Fun Fun Fun Fest corporation, and some of us were privilege to the official announcement via a press conference conducted at Austin’s Wyndham Garden Hotel. Complete with corporation adorned ties and suits, a PowerPoint presentation, donuts, fried chicken, and tap water, the leaders tickled and enticed with the revelation of it’s real goal for us and our future. “Prepare yourself for an exponential growth in awesome” was one of the leading lines into the disclosure of the lineup. Now, why is Fun Fun Fun Fest rapidly becoming one of the more popular music festivals amongst true music fans these days? 5 years in and this is what we have to look forward to during Fun Fun Fun Fest 2010.

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Fun Fun Fun Fest Leak

You know one of Austin’s best festivals is actually Fun Fun Fun Fest right?  Well, they’re slowly starting to leak out news about who will be taking the stage, and you get to hear it right from Bill Murray on this video.  Looks like we’ll be hosting Best Coast, Slick Rick and Suicidal Tendencies, so that’s a pretty solid start, especially considering how everyone is soon to fall in love with Best Coast.  We’ll keep you posted on more updates.