More Monster Movie Music

I no longer need the Slowdive association to love Monster Movie (though it doesn’t hurt). For me, there’s something very special in it, almost like a heavier, less electronic version of the Radio Dept. Guitars swirl through your speakers, gunshot drums pound in the distance, but the pleasant quality of the vocals is what really drew me into this song. As the track fades out there’s great little echoes of beautiful noise, warmly wrapping around the innards of your ears…a treat for sure. Look for Keep the Voices Distant to come your way on March 31st via Graveface Records.

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New Monster Movie Music

Christian Savill is probably having a rad month. One of his projects, Slowdive, announced their return triumphantly. Now, his other long-running act, Monster Movie, has announced a brand new album. These songs have pummeling drum work and a darkened tone via the guitar squall that echoes in the distance. But, listening through and through, you can hear the group propelling into the realm of beautiful noise pop. Yeah, it’s loud, but there’s a sense of hope exhibited throughout, making all our lives infinitely better. Keep the Voices Distant will be released by Graveface Records on March 31st.

The Return of Slowdive

After waiting almost 22 years, we can all finally rejoice that there’s new Slowdive music coming our way. The band reunited in 2014 to get some things going for reunion shows, sparking that creativity that has led them to sign with Dead Oceans. If this song’s swelling wall of guitars sounds familiar, well, that’s because they’re just one of the staples of indie rock that so many after them have ripped off. I look forward to what’s coming from these guys, so stay tuned to hear what’s next. Hope they can help make 2017 just a touch brighter.

Chilled Out Vibes from Younghusband

younghusbandThe guys in Younghusband are quickly building a name for themselves at they prep for their second LP, touring with the likes of Loop, Slowdive and Jacco Gardner. Musically, they’re crafting tunes that are probably closely aligned with the newer brand of psychedelia, though listening to this track it seems like more of a pop sensibility feel to it; it’s almost a straightforward pop song written for the indie spectrum.  The title is Dissolver, and its set for an October 30th release date via ATP Records.

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ATH Abroad: Primavera Sound


While we here at ATH usually like to stick to local coverage, sometimes it’s hard to hide that what we’re really after is world domination. This Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I’ll be in Barcelona, Spain to bring you coverage of Primavera Sound 2014, whose sick lineup and stunning location was enough to lead me outside Austin for a bit. While you can look out for live tweets and festival recaps starting Thursday, I wanted to give you a brief preview of some under the radar bands that would be easy to overlook in all the big names at Primavera. Check out my top ten must see bands that you may be unfamiliar with after the jump.

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New Album from Black Hearted Brother

artworks-000053537338-9n5adl-t500x500I feel like at this point in the year, I’ve probably helped pay most of the salaries of those at Slumberland Records, but hey, when you’re on fire, you’re on fire.  The label is back with a resurgence, of sorts, this time around, releasing the new record from Black Hearted Brother, the project of Neil Halstead…the man behind Slowdive and Mojave 3.  Perhaps one of my favorite things about this new single is that there’s no use of gratuitous noise, like I’ve come to find in a lot of gaze-noise-core acts of late; it’s purposeful and blending with melodies.  Stars Are Our Hope is the title of this new effort, and it will be released on October 22nd.

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