Wildhoney Drop Gorgeous New Tune

The only thing I want to get off my chest is that not enough people are listening to Wildhoney! Today, the band shared a new single from the Slumberland Subscription Series over on NPR, which hopefully garners more deserved attention. Let’s get to that song though. It begins with a light ringing guitar, politely dancing through the speakers; it establishes the perfect setting for Lauren to enter with voice in tow. I love how her voice seems to sparkle in step with the crisp guitar notes. Then comes the rising joyousness of the momentary chorus. But, most importantly, we should take notice that the song’s crafted in various stages. The blissful openings soon makes way for a fuzzed out explosion, only to settle into this cascading atmospheric moment that wraps the song up in a warm blanket. Seriously. Go listen to more Wildhoney. And join the Slumberland Subscription!

Papercuts Are Back

Jason Quever has always seemed to work on his own terms. He’s recorded your favorite band, and he’s sporadically released his own work under the Papercuts moniker. As of late, he’s been hinting at new stuff, and finally it’s before us; plus, he signed with one of our favorite labels, Slumberland. The song has an interesting opening, with varying lines taking you in different directions…there’s a light-hearted bouncing line while a forlorn acoustic is strummed. It sets you up for a balancing act between two worlds, leaving the perfect opening for Quever to enter with his voice. I like to hear the intimate little details he adds to his work, and there are definitely a few hiding in here from the casual ear. So, jump right in, all the way in, and ready yourself for Parallel Universe on October 19th.

Slumberland Records Drop Another from Peel Dream Magazine

It’s Slumberland Records, and it’s Peel Dream Magazine, and it’s just really, ridiculously good. The track teases you with this keyboard wash, but listening closely you can hear the guitar work underneath. When the curtains get pulled back to reveal the vocals, the guitar becomes slightly more prominent, though not overbearing. Once you’ve combined that with the softness of the vocals, you get this beautiful landscape where you the sonic resemblance of The Clientele running down a hill to meet the stylings of Stereolab; they meet, embrace and we’re all better for it. Modern Meta Physic will be out on October 4th!

Slumberland Announces Peel Dream Magazine

Slumberland Records has been on a roll this year, having released the latest from Smokescreens and the album of the year candidate from Tony Molina…now they’ve got Peel Dream Magazine. The band is the project of NYC-based Joe Stevens; he’s constructing this dense pop world not currently available amongst the indie scene. Immediately there’s forward movement, the song pushes as a lightly distorted guitar chug cuts through a softer percussive realm. The chorus is more of a twinkling pulse to let everyone grab their breath; this is surely where a Stereolab reference is apt. The band will release Modern Meta Physic on October 4th.

Have Another New Tony Molina Jam

We’re riding high on the Tony Molina train over here, especially with Kill the Lights dropping in a few weeks. The latest single, and possibly the last before the LP is out, is one of the longer songs on the record, and to my ears, one of my favorites. Tony’s execution leaves him somewhere between Teenage Fanclub and Joe Pernice in my brain…and those are things that will keep me coming back to this song over and over. Sure, he might just be teasing us with 10 short ditties, but I assure you, no one is writing them better than Molina at this very moment. Kill the Lights hits July 26th via Slumberland Records.

New Video from Smokescreens

Another day and another post related to Slumberland Records…what can you say…the labels so hot right now. Today we’ve got the latest video from newly adored Smokescreens, who are prepping Used to Yesterday for a July release. This track is a dedicated ode to the band’s New Zealand influences, where you can hear the guitars working against each other in unison to craft a melody that seeps over into the vocals. I love some of the gang vocals on this track; they’re recorded in such a way as you can barely decipher between one voice, uniting the band as a singular pop entity. The song rules, the band rules (and they’ll be touring throughout August, so be on the lookout!).

Slumberland Announce Single Series

As Slumberland Records enters into its 30th year with a wave of fantastic releases, there’s only one way they could could up the ante…they could release a remarkable Singles Series! That’s just what’s happening, with two new songs leaked out for you all to sample in order to make a wise consumer decision. The first single is from Rat Columns, who’ve been featured in these meaningless pages many a times; I love the understated beauty in this song…it seems reserved and wistful. Then the other bit of great news is that the label has finally gotten The Suncharms pinned down for a release that will be included in the series. Sample the songs below, and, if like me, you would probably buy whatever the label released anyways, get a head start by Subscribing HERE.

Slumberland to Release The Wolfhounds Peel Sessions

The Wolfhounds might not be a household name, but their role in the lineage of all things indiepop is definitely important. The band appeared on the C86 tape, which, as you know, is a vital piece, if not the holy grail of the genre. While they’ve remained active as of late, this post is about the issuing of three sessions of music recorded with legendary John Peel. Of course the reissue is being handled by Slumberland Records who will release Hands in the Till on July 27th…allowing you to complete your own Wolfhounds collection. So lovely to have these songs before us.

New Track from Tony Molina

I thought I had already had my favorite album of 2018 wrapped up; I’m still keeping it secret for when I change my mind. But, with that in mind, I’m also going to hold a spot next to it for Tony Molina and his new LP. I mean, this song barely comes in over a minute, and I think I’ve already played it at least six times. It’s so gentle and captivating from the get-go…little crisp guitar chords matched by melodic vocals at every turn. Kill the Lights is the name of Tony’s new record, and it’s dropping on July 27th via Slumberland.

Tony Molina Announces New LP

What a wonderful week for Slumberland Records; they announced a new Smokescreens album…and now we get news of Tony Molina‘s follow up to Dissed and Dismissed. As per always, Tony seems to craft these delightful numbers that are over in less than a few minutes. But, once you’ve delved in, you feel like you’ve been listening to Molina on repeat for hours…and in fact, you probably will. This song also feels more bare, just sort of stripped down to the core essentials that maximize the emotional pull. Kill the Lights will be out on July 27th, so put a few bucks aside for another great LP.

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