Tony Molina Announces New LP

What a wonderful week for Slumberland Records; they announced a new Smokescreens album…and now we get news of Tony Molina‘s follow up to Dissed and Dismissed. As per always, Tony seems to craft these delightful numbers that are over in less than a few minutes. But, once you’ve delved in, you feel like you’ve been listening to Molina on repeat for hours…and in fact, you probably will. This song also feels more bare, just sort of stripped down to the core essentials that maximize the emotional pull. Kill the Lights will be out on July 27th, so put a few bucks aside for another great LP.

New Track from Smokescreens

I’ve been fans of Corey Cunningham (Terry Malts) and Chris Rosi (Plateaus) for some time, and to them blossom with their Smokescreens project is really special. They’ve just announced their latest LP Used to Yesterday, which will be released later this year via Slumberland Records. My favorite bit of this song is the guitar work, they seem to cascade in a shimmering wall, falling down from your speaker whilst the rhythm section keeps a steady bounce. There’s also something special about the vocals, they have this youthful sense of longing that’s naturally present in their delivery. If pop music is your bag, look for this LP to drop on July 12th.

Premiere: DA Stern Releases Video for Isnt It Obvious

Having just reissued Aloha Hola via Slumberland Records, D.A. Stern is ready to take on all pop-comers with his new Isn’t It Obvious EP. Below, we’ve got the infectious title track, drawing on nostalgic vibes from Costello and Nilsson. But, Stern very much has his foot in the present, taking the classic sound, and giving it a bit more shine…think of the recent work of Nada Surf. You’ll tap your toes throughout (maybe even get overjoyed with a bit of a stomp), and you’ll swoon when the natural harmonies wash across your speakers; then you’ll rush to Slumberland to find out how you can get your hand’s on his records. It’s easy, just take a jump HERE;the EP drops Friday!

One More Hit from The Spook School

In just over a week I hope you’ll all be heading to your local record shops to pick up the excellent new LP from the Spook School. On this tune, the band take on positive body image, as well as the trappings that seem to go with it. This is precisely what I love about the band…there’s a message in every song, yet they disguise it with this their jittery pop, subversively encouraging you to be better…all the while tapping your toes. It also doesn’t hurt that the midsong breakdown rushing towards the close is an emphatic pop punch I’ll never shy away from. Look for the group’s Could It Be Different next week via Slumberland/Alcopop…and keep your eyes peeled, as they’ll be touring the States real soon with friends Diet Cig.

New Video from The Spook School

Our continued allegiance to the Spook School must go on…especially as the band are readying the release of Could it Be Different for next January via Slumberland. This track features Anna on the vocals (who apparently is a tiger), while the group employ their classic buzzsaw guitars and bouncing rhythm section. One of my favorite attributes about the group in this video, which is also present in their live setting, is the enjoyment they seem to have making music together; even with serious subject matter they always manage to bring a light-heartedness to the affair. Infectious pop at its best, so get ready for the rest come January 26th.

Fresh Video from The Spook School

You know we have an undying love affair with the Spook School, and they’re back today with news of a new label and a new record! One of the many things I love about the band is their ability to craft infectious indiepop with serious sentiment in the lyrical content. This song is said to be overcoming abusive relationships, or just being better than an abusive personality…and with a line like “fuck you I’m still alive” who wouldn’t believe them. There’s a message hiding in their hooks, only make the band all more important in your life. The band will release Could It Be Different on Alcopop Records/Slumberland Recordsin January of the 2018. I’ll buy it…you should too.

Did You Hear Yesterdays Frankie Rose Hit

We’ve long been fans of the various phases of Frankie Rose‘s career, and though we’re late to the game on this one, we can still appreciate great music when its out there. Fans will notice the sci-fi leanings of the video, which is said to be a huge influence on Rose’s new release, Cage Tropical. This song is pushing forward at all times, rhythmically seducing you while Frankie does her best to draw you in with a dreamy vocal smoke. You’ll find this is the perfect blend of pop music and creativity, guaranteeing that her new LP is destined for year end lists; look for the release on August 11 via Slumberland/Grey Market.

New Young Guv Tune

I love how Ben Cook continues to move towards the dancer side of his musical repertoire. While he’s spent a great deal of time with guitar in hand for Fucked Up, his own offerings as Young Guv tend to take on a whole new playful role. The guitars have an underlying shimmer, synths pump through the mix and you’ll find a nice little coat of wash atop the vocals…it all leads to his latest hit that will have you clamoring for more. It also comes with a great little video created by Tristan CM, who has created some audio postcards to go with Guv’s forthcoming releases. Look for the Traumatic 7″ via Slumberland Records this Friday.

More New Proper Ornaments Tunes

This new track from The Proper Ornaments starts immediately, wrapping you up in the warmth of the band’s approach immediately. There’s a really nice contrast in the vocals, sounding sedate during the verses, with a bit of a brighter tone in the chorus (which totally sounds like a nod to Oasis by the way). Songs like this, steady and impactful have really made huge waves in this neck of the indie sphere, so we aware that everyone will eventually come around to praise these guys. Look for their new LP, Foxhole, on January 20th via Slumberland Records.

More from The Proper Ornaments

properWith the success of Ultimate Painting and Toy, it would seem natural that folks would clamor to hear music from The Proper Ornaments, a band made of bits and pieces from the above acts. Yet the band seems indifferent to accolades and buzz, just trucking along with really incredible bits of songwriting and pop sensibility. I like the texturing working beneath the rad sounds of the guitar; they’re either using a cabasa shaker or a rain stick, but it fits into the track seamlessly. It’s hard not to be impressed by songs before you, so if you’re into that buzz, then be sure to look for Foxhole on January 20th via Slumberland Records.

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