One More From Small Leaks Sink Ships

You may be sick of me talking about Portland based band Small Leaks Sink Ships, but I just can’t stop myself from posting their latest, and likely last single, from the new album. This one has a lot more power and aggression behind it when compared to some of the more melodic and mellow tracks previously shared. Yeah “Dear John Connor” plays the game of power immediately followed by more quiet parts very nicely. Love what these guys are doing.

New album Golden Calf is out October 13th via Lefse Records.

Another One From Small Leaks Sink Ships

Portland based outfit Small Leaks Sink Ships has been garnishing some positive praise around these parts for the last month or so. Their songs manage to be quite simplistic while still offering huge amounts of creativity and power. Take this new track “Psychotic Opera” for example. It’s slow and steady at the beginning with a beat on repeat, and then the drums come in and the song becomes something a little bit different. I’m continually impressed with what these guys are doing.

Once again, you can pick up Golden Calf on October 13th via Lefse Records.

Small Leaks Sink Ships, True Story

slssOkay. I don’t know if it’s a true story, but I imagine that any leak sinks a ship if it goes undetected. Regardless, Small Leaks Sink Ships is one of those bands that is perfect for indie rock escapism. Their latest single seemingly echoes with every bit of the kitchen sink…each note place in its appropriate spot to maximize its connection with listeners. On this particular tune, the song has this vocal eruption just at the 1.45 mark that’s really special, and for me, it elevated the song, though I admittedly love the little details from the percussive notes here and there too. Their new album, Face Yourself and Remove Your Sandals will be released by Lefse Records in 2017, so keep your ears peeled.