The New Year Release Video for The Last Fall

Among my favorite artists from Texas, if not just in general, are the brothers Kadane. Last year they issued Snow via their band The New Year; it was a wondrous return to form that charmed long time fans such as myself. Today we’re sharing a video for album track “The Last Fall,” directed by fellow Texan Keven McAlester. I really love how the noisy element of this track coincides with a brief interlude to the video’s story. Let’s not forget how well strong the cymbals sound on this tune, riding in step with the piano lines being used. It’s a great piece, both visually and musically, giving me yet another reason to break the LP out again and give it several spins. Still a few copies of the LP HERE.

New Video and Song from The New Year

In just a few weeks we can all celebrate the glorious return of The New Year. This brand new track perfectly illustrates what’s made me fawn over the band for quite some time; it begins slowly, almost ominously. However, just beneath the front of the mix is this softer guitar tapestry, building slowly as percussion grows into the track. Vocals won’t even come in until the last minute or so of the tune, but the execution of the song and its accompanying video are sure to grab your attention. There’s such care placed on this song, that’s its no wonder everyone is anxiously awaiting the release of Snow; look for it on April 28th via Undertow Music.

The New Year Is Back

Perhaps they’re not a household name in the realm of indie rock, but the Kadane brothers are quietly revered in circles all around. That’s fitting, as their work in Bedhead and The New Year falls into a quiet place in the canon of indie tunes. Today they announce the return of the New Year, their first album under the project in almost ten years! There’s a slightly heavy tone to on this new single, allowing for a sensational brooding quality; these guys have always crafted the best lyrical post rock possible. You’ll have to wait for well over a minute to hear Matt enter with his voice, though that drawn out wait is always what’s made the band so special. Snow will be released on April 28th via Undertow Music; it’s currently the only thing I plan to listen to for the rest of the year.

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New Snow Tha Product mixtape

Since her 2010 mixtape debut, Snow Tha Product has consistently proven herself to be one of the best rappers of the most recent era in hip-hop. She even gets my vote for the best active female rapper, without a doubt. Snow Tha Product’s most recent outing, The Rest Comes Later, is more of the consistency we’re used to from her: solid beats, incredible delivery, thought provoking song content, and the usual smattering of English/Spanglish/Spanish stemming from her Mexican-American upbringing in San Diego. She kicks off “The Rest Comes Later tour” next week, and the last leg of the tour has her coming through the Parish in Austin on August 14th. The Rest Comes Later can be streamed or downloaded for free via DatPiff. The video for her lead single on the mixtape “Bet That I Will” is below.

SXSW 2015 Hip-Hop: Snow Tha Product

Snow-Tha-Product-Press-Photo1Snow Tha Product is one of the most slept on rappers today and at the very least deserves a mention in the best active female rappers conversation. After her 2010 debut album Unorthodox put her on the map, Snow Tha Product has remained relevant ever since. 2014 was her biggest year yet, which included a verse on one of the 2014 BET Awards cyphers, a guest host spot on an episode of the Brilliant Idiots podcast, and her own “Fuck Your Plans” 34-city tour that kicked-off in Austin. Last year’s tour made her unable to be a part of SXSW 2014 but she is officially set to perform this year, though no dates or locations have been set. Snow Tha Product has a lengthy catalog of songs and videos that are worth listening to and watching on her YouTube channel and Soundcloud page. Her most recent mixtape Good Nights & Bad Mornings can be downloaded for free from DJ Booth.