Top Songs of 2019

Phew, the end of the year really snuck up on me this time and it’s crazy to think we are moving on from the 2010s. Before we do so, Nathan and I of course want to share some of our favorite things from the year for those of you who care to hear our opinions. I am typically the songs guy and Nathan usually takes on the albums, so here it is, my favorites from this year. Hit the jump for my list and a Spotify playlist to take with you.

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Soccer Mommy Drop New Tunes

A whole ton of praise has been given to Nashville based Sophie Allison and her musical project known as Soccer Mommy. We’ve certainly boarded the hype train for her music over the years and have seen her well deserved popularity and success grow. After her growth last year, Allison stayed relatively quiet on the new music front, but is returning today with her brand new single “lucy”. It has that same sort of mellow, shoe-gazy vibe to it but with a bit more of a polished sound sure to invite even more fans into the fold. If you dig, the song will be released in November via a 7-inch single on Loma Vista Recordings.

SXSW Awards – 2018

Your friendly neighborhood ATH staff members have emerged from SXSW week and I think we’re all finally ready to reminiscence on what transpired. As we’ve done in the past, it seems like a perfect time to hand out some awards for the festival with superlatives that we made up like 5 minutes ago. Keep in mind we saw a lot of bands, had a bit to drink, and ventured out to more venues than we can possibly remember. So buckle up, hit the jump and see who we deemed worthy and deserving of our very prestigious awards.

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Another Soccer Mommy Hit

Sophie Allison is out on the road in a well-attended tour with Phoebe Bridgers, but as we get more glimpse at her new album, we get to hear just how special Soccer Mommy is all on her own. This track begs you to bring your ear closer to the speaker, as it’s a quiet number, connecting intimately between listener and Allison. I love how gently she’s playing the guitar here, seemingly as an afterthought as she weaves her lyrics into the front of the mix. Her “debut” album, Clean, will be available on March 2nd via Fat Possum Records.


Soccer Mommy Announces Debut

If you’ve been anywhere in the Interwebs over the last year, then you’ve surely seen the name Soccer Mommy pop up a time or two (even here at ATH). It looks like Sophie Allison’s star continues to rise with the announcement of her album, Clean, which will be released by Fat Possum. At the age of 20, Allison carries a certain confidence in her songwriting that many veterans can’t come near; the soft hush that hits at the chorus is a pretty special moment, repeated to craft that dreamy essence before the guitar lightly feeds back. Look for this record to be a huge hit when it’s dropped on March 2nd.

Circling Back on Soccer Mommy

Last week Soccer Mommy dropped her latest single from her forthcoming, Collection. It had to be one of the more buzzed about acts of last week, and deservedly so…as Sophia definitely has upped her game since some of her earliest recordings. The opening moments are grand, circling guitars around the vocals, but what grabbed me was that added punch to just around the 2 minute mark, carrying a huge punch of pop. Apparent confidence in her songwriting is surely another notch that shows how quickly she’s grown into being one of the most talked about young acts about; look for her new effort on August 4th via Fat Possum.

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Stream/Buy New Soccer Mommy Album

soccermommyI first got turned onto Orchid Tapes because of their work with Coma Cinema, and it looks like they have another sparkling sensation in Soccer Mommy that’s made perfectly for all those folks sitting at home in darkened bedrooms. Listening, I can’t help imagine myself sitting in the corner of a friend’s apartment, watching as singer Sophie Allison records these songs with littler more than her voice and guitar. There’s something in these tracks, something intimate and admirable; I haven’t been able to pull myself away from the songs that make up For Young Hearts. My latest favorite of the 8 is “Skinned Knees,” if you’re looking for a place to start. You can grab it from Orchid Tapes and be sure to give money to the cause, as the album is currently NYOP.