Oops, I Missed This: Solander

solanderMan, we got so caught up in all the great US releases the last few months that I totally forgot about the excellent new album that came out from Solander.  We were huge fans of the group a few years back when they came to SXSW, and I’m still holding a soft spot for the group.  This track illustrates the bands ability to craft solemn tunes that eventually burst forth with lofty harmonies and fade into the realm of enchanting craftsmanship.  Their latest record is titled Monochromatic Memories, and it’s available now from Tendervision.


Download: Solander – All Opportunities [MP3]

Solander Is Coming To SxSW

solander - the woods are goneOK, you have an opportunity to do a nice thing. Yes, this song can be downloaded for free by zero dollaring. Like the previous preview track, it is a gem. Here is an idea, use someone else’s email address for a name-your-price purchase and give it as a gift.

Solander absolutely blew me away at SxSW a few years back. I was lucky enough to catch them at one of the church spaces that are taken over by us heathens and it was a forty-five minutes I will always love. With the harmonies, melodies and craftsmanship of their music, multi-instrumental perfection was delivered and I believe all in attendance waited around to chat with the band. Just wish there had been more of you with me. Luckily, you will have the opportunity see this band during SxSW this year.

The album Monochromatic Memories comes out February 4th on Tendervision.

Show Pics: Best of Showcases @ SxSW 2012

So this is goodbye…

I officially declare SxSW 2012 done with this collection of pics pulled in from showcases. While this isn’t every band I saw, it is every band that I happened to enjoy seeing, other than the Night at the Belmont shots already posted. I still have trouble remembering what happened and when. Is it time to register for next year yet?

Click through and I will share a few thoughts and you will see shots of Solander, Django Django, Blondes, Class Actress, Howler, Blouse, Breton and more…

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BGray’s SxSW Reflection

I had my camera. I took almost 4,000 pictures. That seemed like a lot, but once I factored in the number of bands, the odd things that have to be documented, the friends gathering for shenanigans and the eight long days involved, it really wasn’t surprising. I haven’t done the final tally, but it would be fair to say that I saw part of a set from around seventy bands.

It is my turn to give a rundown on bests and worsts of The Conference. The many highs were tempered by very few lows. I chased that BUZZ that drives the relevant music fan. My summary will be a little different because I did the whole damn thing; twelve movies, several Interactive and film panels and of course all the music.

So, plenty on the movies, panels and bands and a flurry of pics to accompany all that 411 after the break…

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Brand New Music from Solander

I feel like I need to apologize, briefly. I’ve been jamming to a lot of rock n’ roll, as Spring is just around the corner.  But, I figured I’d throw out something a little more composed and craft today via Sweden’s Solander. This creative trio is going to be releasing their Passing Mt. Satu album on March 13th via A Tendervision Recording.  When you listen to this track, it might be the whispering quality of the vocals, or the incredible craftsmanship that goes into the details, but most definitely it’s the emotional hook that follows you throughout. Be on the lookout for this record, as its beauty might sneak up on you quickly.


Download:Solander – Book Of Advice [MP3]