Show Preview: Tame Impala @ Stubbs (2.26) + After Party


Date Tuesday, February 26th
Location Stubbs
Doors 6:00 PM
Tickets SOLD OUT

It should be no surprise that Tuesday’s show with Tame Impala has sold out. The band has been universally praised with their two albums, the most recent being Lonerism.  It’s weird to see a band burst forth with such enthusiastic praise, but I assure you, having spent hours upon hours with the band’s music, it’s more than deserved.  I actually haven’t seen them live, so I’m looking forward to see what they have to offer in the live setting.  They’ll  be bringing friends The Growl with them from Australia.

And, immediately following the show, there is a killer set inside the venue featuring our local favorites Feathers and the Sour Notes.  I say go for it all.  Six hours of perfect music to make your perfect Tuesday.


Download: Tame Impala – Apocalypse Dreams [MP3]

Show Preview: Godspeed You Black Emperor @ Mohawk (10.9) (10.10)

Date Tuesday, October 10th
Location Mohawk
Doors 6:30 PM
Tickets SOLD OUT

I’m not surprised by this in the least, but the legendary cult status of Godspeed You Black Emperor remains, with the band selling out two nights in a row over at our favorite venue The Mohawk.  Perhaps this is because the group are releasing their new album (first in ten years) on tour; it’s titled Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend! (that’s a whole lot of exclamatory notes). Regardless, those that search the annals of indie rock history will find that the group has earned their status, even with limited releases, so do what you gotta do and scour the Internet for someone selling a ticket. It’ll be a night, or two, Austin won’t soon forget.


Download: Godspeed You Black Emperor – Moya [MP3]

Show Preview: Grimes @ Emos East (10.6)

Date Saturday, October 6th
Location Emos East
Doors 9:00 PM
Tickets SOLD OUT

It’s been an incredible year for Grimes, aka Claire Boucher, bursting onto the world indie scene with her latest album this year, Visions.  While she’s put out a few releases prior to this last effort, people are taking notice, and it’s a deserved following she’s garnered for herself.  I mean, the show is SOLD OUT, so that has to tell you something.  Last time in Austin, she sold out Lamberts, and everyone we talked to said it was definitely a moving experience.  Openers Myths and Elite Gymnastics have also had a solid 2012, with the latter being pinned by many as a band to keep an eye on in the future.  I know there’s not tickets available, but ask your friends and hit up Craigs…you just might find yourself lucky!


Download: Grimes – Oblivion [MP3]