Love Sport Share New Single

Finnish act Love Sport have been away for a few years, but they’re back with a new tune that’s worthy of a good Thursday morning listen (it’s Thursday, right?). The tune starts out with a definite purpose, hitting hard with discordant notes ringing out furiously so as to set the scene for the voice. Those vocals have this faint hint of psychedelia in them, sort of curling the notes and softening them with a faint wizardly attitude. There’s a nice little cleanser at the song’s close, as the energy recedes mildly and draws the song to a close. Let’s hope the band has more to offer us in 2020.

Premiere: New Mumrunner Single

sputnikcover-900x900Something incredible always seems to pop out of Finland, and it’s usually through the hard work of the folks at Soliti Records; today we’ve got a new one from the label’s stable, Mumrunner. This tune walks the line between indiepop and dreamy indie, featuring feuding guitar lines and gentle vocals. There’s some nice little high-hat accents too, which shows the care the band put into the recording of this new track. You should definitely listen for the tension that builds just before the 2.5 minute mark, releasing a great wash of cascading pop beauty. Their new EP is titled Gentle Slopes and will see a release on September 9th worldwide.

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Go Check Out Astrid Swan Tonight at Strange Brew

astrOver the years, we’ve bonded with Finland’s Soliti Records. They’re a small label in a small country, but those of you in Austin could be in for a treat tonight if you’re up to heading out to Strange Brew for an evening of music. Astrid Swan, wife of label owner and musician on the label, is playing there this evening. She crafts these beautiful pop tunes, built around the strength of her vocal performances. It’s an opportunity to welcome our friend to our fair city, but also to get a glimpse of musical happenings from around the world. The gig starts at 8 PM, so we hope you can make it out…you never know when she’ll make it out.

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Spiritual Song from Cats of Transnistria

catsSometimes I stumble upon incredible songs, wondering to myself how on Earth I wouldn’t post it…this is what happened with this brand new Cats of Transnistria single the band released today. The song consists mostly of lightly picked guitar notes, touched every so carefully so as to allow the strings to ring on for a bit as new notes are picked; it creates a quieted wall of sound that allows for the airy vocal entrance Henna.  Her voice spectacularly floats in, floats out, fades away and is occasionally obscured by these brief bursts of discordant guitar.  It’s one of those songs you can’t pull yourself away from, so that’s a perfect way to start off your week. This is their first new material since their Away EP, which you can grab from Soliti Records…just until we wait more great music from the duo.

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Bright Pop from Waves of the Echo

wavesOur Finnish friends over in Soliti just turned 4 years old, and they aim to keep going strong with this huge pop hit from Waves of the Echo.  The band ready their new album, Fading Daylight, Bright Nights, and with it will come a huge sound of synth driven pop rock that’s filled to the brim with hooks.  If you’re looking to discard modern tropes completely, throw back with this jam, reminiscent of 80s dance clubs…only with a huge wall of sound.  Their debut is out now, so grab it if you’re into great pop music.

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