Songs for Walter Prep An Endless Summer Daze

I’ve been writing about Songs for Walter for quite some time; the music always offers me some sort of solace when I’m seeking something intimate and personal. I feel like every single they release is mine, and mine alone. Except now there’s a full length on the near horizon, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t guide you in that direction. This track sort of reminds me of the later period of Rogue Wave, wrapping vocal takes atop one another whilst the music seems crafted from the wilderness; it carries a sense of wonderment and exploration, ultimately leaving you longing for some great journey. An Endless Summer Daze will drop on September 28th, and I hope you’ll listen.

New Songs for Walter

Songs for Walter came onto my radar some time ago, but in this latest release, it sounds like he’s gearing up for even more enchanting folk-influenced tunes. There’s something lighthearted in his vocal delivery on this run, though the chorus pulls back on it just a bit to give off a slight touch of differentiation. I really like the recordings of this tune too, as there’s so much filling in behind Laurie’s voice, be it strings or the careful strum of guitars; it’s less intimate in a sense than some of his previous tunes, but so much more powerful in its presentation. Give a listen, won’t you.

Brand New Song from Songs for Walter

songsforwalterI’ve written tons of posts about Laurie Hulme and his project, Songs for Walter, but as long as he keeps writing really incredible folk pop tunes I won’t be turning my back from his work.  This latest song comes from the heart of Laurie, as his lyrics discuss the influence of his family meeting the changes that accompany young adulthood.  It features a steady drum beat to support the vocals and the banjo, leaving you with this emotionally pleasing pop ditty.  It was released digitally by Bleeding Gold, who have a nice little catalog you should visit.


Download: Songs for Walter – Competition, Diffidence and Glory [MP3]

Songs for Walter At It Again

songsforwalterSeems like it’s been a little bit since I’ve written about Songs for Walter; I suppose that blame lays with me.  Laurie Hulme, the prolific songwriter behind the name, has been releasing tunes at an ungodly speed in 2013, gearing up for his debut full-length.  This latest track is a non-album tune, which can only mean one of two things: 1) the record is going to be so good, this was a throw-away or 2) he just wanted to go a different direction on the debut.  Regardless, I always love the songwriting, right down to the way the guitar parts are carefully picked, string by string.  Thanks to Bleeding Gold for always supporting these acts with their on-going project!


Download: Songs For Walter – Nick’s Song [MP3]

Another New Jam from Songs for Walter

coverI appreciate the work of Songs for Walter, not to mention that he’s dedicated to releasing a free track every month on his way to finishing up his full-length debut.  I like the gentle quality of the guitar work, accompanied by added instrumentation.  And that voice. You can’t tell me it’s not intoxicating to a certain degree. This project is picking up steam all over the UK, so remember, you heard it hear first!


Download: Songs For Walter – Stamping On Snails

Brighten Your Day with Songs for Walter

coverCloudy days always seem to go one or two directions, musically speaking.  I can delve into my sad bastard catalogue, or venture about for some good old fashioned pop gems.  I’m going to do both, but I’m going to share this new Songs for Walter track in hopes that it will pick you up today. Main man Laurie Hulme has a great voice to accompany his pop balladry, and he’s agreed to release a song a month until his next proper full length is ready.  I like the light instrumentation here, with the crisp string sound really doing its job to win me over.  Pay attention to his label, Bleeding Gold, as they’re likely to keep you in the know about future single and that full-length right around the corner.


Download: Songs for Walter – Family Hold Back [MP3]

Gentle Pop from Songs for Walter

Monday’s are always a great day to enjoy some mellow pop tunes as your body recovers from a long weekend.  I came across this tune from Songs of Walter off the group’s recent 7″, and it’s really something to behold.  It begins with a strummed guitar and a light stomp before Laurie Hulme carefully enters the fray with his soft voice.  Eventually there’s a slight pick up in the song via a shaker, and then Hulme lets his voice soars elegantly in the mix; you can grab it now from Bleeding Gold Records. It’s a thoughtful tune for a thoughtful return to the working week.  Hope you all have a good one.


Download:Songs for Walter – Tougher Than A Soldier’s Boots [MP3]