Above The Radar Party @ Ghost Room

monahans 1.16 smWe’re happy to announce today a little party we’re helping put on next weekend at the up and coming music venue Ghost Room.  This little shindig is hosted by Above the Radar PR and Do512 along with support from yours truly and End of an Ear Records.  The lineup features 3 solid local bands going by the names of MonahansSad Accordions and Frank Smith.  To make the event even that much more special, we will all be there to celebrate the birth year of our dear friend Michael over at Sonic Itch.  Word on the street has it that he is old as dirt so expect him to turn to dust at the stroke of midnight.  Should be good times had by all.  We’ll make sure to plug this party again a few days before the January 16th date next week.  Show time?  9pm ladies.

[audio: http://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/01-Sacrificial-Chumpsucker-Diatribe.mp3]

Download: Sad Accordions – Sacrificial Chumpsucker Diatribe [MP3]

Austin A2W: Sad Accordions

79629Sad Accordions are a band that we were tipped off on by our friend Mike over at the music blog Sonic Itch.  After giving them a few listens and the bands music turning up on our most played lists, we thought it was about time to run a feature on the group.  The story reads that Sad Accordions got their start many years ago in the metropolis of Houston, TX when founding members Ben Lance and Seth Woods began to play music together.  Soon after in 2003, more members joined on and the group relocated to our little city and have been playing local shows and growing their fan base ever since.  The sound of Sad Accordions is a little bit folky, a little bit quiet/melodic rock, and all parts beauty.  Check out a sample of the band’s sound below with Fire/Ash from debut LP A Bad Year for the Sharons. It’s one of the most complete and heart-felt albums we’ve heard in a long time.  Pick it up!

[audio: http://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/06-fire_ash.mp3]

Download: Sad Accordions – Fire/Ash [MP3]

SXSW Recaps

As you eagerly await our recap of a few things SXSW (we promise we’ll keep it brief), why not head over to some other super sites with tons more information than we plan on having.  Our friends Ultra8201 have some great shots of Kanye along with a ton of other coverage.  Sonic Itch has cool video of Dan Aurbach at The Parish.  Gorilla Vs. Bear already has some of his fancy polaroids up.  Austinist has a nice news and photos section as well.  New York Times even tells us how much stuff costs and who the hell pays for it.  Check back later for our top bands of the week that was SXSW.