Premiere: Stream Lost in Between EP from Sonic Visions

I’ve talked about Finland’s Sonic Visions here before, and we’re fortunate enough to be able to bring you the stream of their Lost in Between EP a week before its release on Soliti Music. The band seems to have found the perfect place where the pop sensibility of early Oasis meets the cascading noise of Jesus and the Mary Chain. It’s not quite shoegaze, yet not quite full Brit pop…it really does live in between the two, which should definitely captivate listeners all across the globe. It’s a short collection that I’m sure is more than worth your listening time, and in fact, it’s actually required (by me). Go ahead, get ready for a great musical treat.

Sonic Visions Take You On Kraut-Rock Journey

sonicWe don’t get too many six minute songs these days, and with the abundance of music out there, I guess (?) that’s a good thing. But, every now and then, you want a journey, like this Sonic Visions track. The propulsive rhythm section opens the tune, setting the pace early, but when the vocals come in, it looks upon the heroes of 90s Britpop…even Oasis. They employ other elements like cascading atmospheric guitars for layering purposes, then close the song out emphatically. If you’re looking for something that can hold your ears for longer than a minute, journey with us my friends. Look for the band’s Lost in Between EP in early 2017 from Soliti.

Pleased to Meet You: Sonic Visions

Remember last week when the Stone Roses released a brand new song, and then you thought to yourself “my five year old niece can write these lyrics.” Well, then take a listen to Sonic Visions, the newest band to join the Soliti Roster over in Finland. Their brand new video offers a dark perspective on the band, but we should focus on the fact that they definitely seem a band looking back at late 80s/early 90s UK sounds, while adding a modern bit of flare. I’ve played this track multiple times, and it definitely fills the void left floating out next week. This is their first piece for the label, but expect more from them in 2016.