Sound on Sound Fest Announces Daily Lineups

They’ve given us a solid lineup. They’ve promised improved parking and lighting. They’re bringing in more transportation. And now, Sound on Sound has revealed their daily lineup schedule, in case you’re only able to have the time of your life for one day! Personally, I’d advise going early on Sunday so you can catch Growl, but hey, that’s just me. I think the headliners each night alone are worthy of your attendance. We enjoyed ourselves immensely last year, and we’re hoping we’ll run into you this year!

Grab single day tickets HERE.

Sound on Sound Interview: Tiny Moving Parts

tmpNext Friday Sound on Sound Fest kicks off what we hope will be an annual event. We threw out some interviews to start previewing the bands that will be gracing the stage, and we’re here with one from Tiny Moving Parts. The band has several albums under their belt, and a lot of praise has been going to this year’s release, Celebrate. Check out what Dylan had to say when we caught up with him. You can stream the new record below too! Thanks to Talia for setting this up.

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