ATX Spotlight: Pleased to Meet Pleasers

pleasersIt’s been a pretty awesome week for new Austinite Matthew Melton; we ran a single from some of his solo work, and now we’ve got his new project, Pleasers.  We should probably give a shout out to his bandmate Ben Tipton too, who is responsible for a great deal of rock n’ roll goings on in this city.  Together they have united, crafting a nice blend of Melton’s power pop songwriting and a little bit of punk rock, all in line to prep a new 7″ that will hit later this summer on Southpaw Records. Keep an eye out here guys, and don’t listen to the people saying the city is dying, as bands this good just keep popping up.

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Single Premiere: Matthew Melton

Melton1 copyAll of us here in Austin were pumped when we heard about Warm Soda moving to town.  Of course this would mean we often get a first listen to new tunes before anyone else as is the case today.  For a bit of a twist, creative mind behind the band, Matthew Melton, is going solo for this effort.  Below you can find our exclusive stream of Melton’s new single called “Too Many Hearts Lack Lovers”.  Once again we are treated to some garage influenced pop music, but with an almost psych style twist from who is now one of Austin’s best up and coming songwriters.  Carry on friend.

Southpaw Records will release this track via 7″ single on September 15th.

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The Hussy Changing Things Up

hussyAfter adding in some layers of synthesizer to their last effort, Pagan Hiss, the Hussy have stripped it all down, just focusing on guitar work with varying percussive and string elements added for texture. The group’s first single from Galore has that psych bounce that’s been popularized by group’s like Thee Oh Sees; they do seem to play these songs with a heavier hand than most, which gives them that dosage of differentiation. They’ve got a huge tour lined up for the early summer months, including Austin dates at Cheer Ups and the Yellowjacket.  Look for the release on Southpaw Records on June 30th.

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New Music from Matthew Melton

140110-warm-sodaMatthew Melton of Bare Wires and Warm Soda fame, and currently of Austin, Tx, has made great power pop records, no matter what band he’s using.  But, he’s got a pile of recordings that couldn’t quite fit into those acts, so he’s releasing another solo record with Southpaw Records.  Our first listen to this work shows Melton displaying much of the same style he’s come to be known for, wrapping up his vocals in a guitar sound that walks the line between bedroom and garage rock.  This new effort is titled Outside of Paradise, and you can only grab it from the label or from Matthew himself.

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Another Tune from Sam Coffey and Iron Lungs

samIt seems like Sam Coffey and Iron Lungs are walking a perfect line between my past and present.  Their earlier single, “Calgary Hill” sounded like perfect power-pop, blending melody into huge guitar chords.  Now, on the next single, they take on an old school mod feel, like The Jam kicking it with the Clash; it’s a fine mixture.  This is one of the great things about the band’s latest release, Gates of Hell, there are great nods to various genres, but it never seems to tire on the ears of the listener.  The album is out this week on Southpaw Records.



Power Pop Goodness from Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs

coffeeAfter a long weekend rocking out at Austin Psych Fest, I’m a little bit drained, energy-wise, so I figured I’d share something that’s been able to help me push through this slow-moving morning.  It’s the first single from Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs, and it’s got this great blend of classic power-pop and garage rock.  The vocals, often infused by unison singing from the group, come off a bit ramshackle, adding a bit of innocence to the delivery.  You’ll find the guitar sound a perfect way to kick off your morning.  Look for the group’s Gates of Hell LP on June 24th when it’s released by Southpaw Records.

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Super Rad Friday Tune from Younger Lovers

youngerloverWhether you’re heading to out to Austin’s ACL Festival or you just need a good jam to get your day started, you gotta listen to this rad tune from Younger Lovers.  It’s this jangling garage rock number with a killer step to it, which is influenced by the pounding rhythm section.  I think that things will be perfect for your Friday if you start here.  The band is going to be tossing out a new LP titled Sugar In My Pocket; it’s going to be released by Southpaw Records on December 10th.

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Let’s Rock with Hussy

trackshussy_fullsize_story1Had a late night last evening, so I, like many of you, will need a good pick me up this morning.  What better way to start off than this new noisy rocker from the Hussy. They’ve got a new record titled Pagan Hiss, which will be released on May 7th by Southpaw Records.  This song has a weird bit of garage rock blended with some stuttering math rock guitar lines.  You’ll find the vocals extremely similar to other acts around, which should make it super easy for you attach yourself to this tune, not to mention it’s just a rad rock track to play so you can annoy the guy in the cubicle next to you.


Download: The Hussy – Blame [MP3]

Solid Rocker from Young Guv + the Scuzz

As if Ben Cook wasn’t busy enough with Fucked Up and Marvelous Darlings, he’s gotta keep his own project, Young Guv going right?  Well, he’s joined up with some of his favorite musicians in Toronto, deemed the Scuzz, and recorded A Love Too Strong 12″, which will hit stores on July 31st.  It’s always interesting to listen to Cook’s work, as it definitely has a softer side than one would expect from the guitarist in Fucked Up.  This song reminds me of The Replacements a little bit, although there’s a softer edge to it overall–even with the Scuzz backing.  I’m pretty stoekd to hear the final product because this song is just killing it on my stereo right now.


Download: Young Guv + The Scuzz – Heal Over Time [MP3]

More New Music From Bare Wires

We ATH kids professed our love for the pop styles of Bare Wires shortly after catching some of their tunes during SXSW back in March.  It’s easy to like a band when they make catchy as hell songs like “Cheap Perfume” found below.  This tune is set to appear on new album from the band Cheap Perfume due out October 18th on Southpaw Records.  Dig that shiz.


Download: Bare Wires – Cheap Perfume [MP3]