Friday Top 5: SXSW Hangovers

You don’t really think I’m going to list my top 5 hangovers during SXSW, do you? That would be a task that would take years of scouring my brain and the memories of many who have been involved. I know I can be an idiot sometimes, but give me a little credit. I’m talking about what seems to be the lingering taste of that stale, warm, bitterness, that some people in this town, and many outside have lingering on their cranial palate after last week. The wise and beautiful Nathan Lankford already laid it out here on this site recently, and as this week has passed in the wake of SXSW, some of those points rang incredibly true, and others have reared their ugly heads to add to the growing Medusa.

Now, lets get one thing straight before we get too far into this. I love SXSW! I love the official SXSW and I can’t say that I completely hate the non-official part of SXSW. I’ve worn the badge, the wristband, and done the RSVP till my fingers hurt, but something needs to change.

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