STRFKR Has A Lovely New Jam

ShensSTRFKR is the socially acceptable version of Starfucker. They are playing Sound on Sound Fest. I will watch their set with glee and shimmy. Given the level of shenanigans at previous shows that included astronauts, horse heads, Gumby, LED walls and more, they are high on my fest list.

They have a new record called Being No One, Going Nowhere on Polyvinyl that is due for release the weekend of the fest, so take you twenty and get some fest-flavored vinyl. From that, we have a lovely groove called “Tape Machine”.

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We’re Not Dead Yet

StarfuckerThere has been a lot of talk recently about the scene and venues and closings and doom with gloom for good measure. +1 and I went out for an evening of music to hang with some friends and get our sweaty dance party on. At the beginning of the day, the two shows hadn’t sold out, but by mid-afternoon both the Tanlines show outside at Red 7 and the Starfucker show on the main stage at The Mohawk had sold out. That is kinda nuts given the heat, the lack of students and the summer doldrums that usually wreak havoc on venues. Yes, we got a big time batch of beats, friends and sweat.

Read on for a few more comments about us, the bands and photos-a-plenty…

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Have A Nice Weekend

for esmeLet me start this HANW post with some show preview action…

I’ll be hitting up Tanlines and maybe even Starfucker tonight. Tanlines is at Red7, tix available here or at the door, MAS YSA is opening with doors at 9pm. You can get your Starfucker tix right here for their set at The Mohawk with Shy Boys, doors at 8pm. So many shows this weekend. Go out. Update: Well, both are sold
out now.
Now on to a little It Dept PYAITK. The song is called “You”. The band is called For Esme (no, not that Esme) and they are a three-piece out of Toronto. I don’t recall how I came across this track, I just know I added it to a bucket playlist I use for jams around the house. I realized I hadn’t shared it with you and because I care, here you go. It is alovely bit of Canadian dance pop goodness that is playful at times and head-down dance party at others. I love the balance here and I hope you dig it.

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Show Review: Starfucker @ The Mohawk (3/7)

Another show on the eve of SxSW we had to attend was Starfucker at The Mohawk. They always throw down the jams and recent IT Department favorite Blackbird Blackbird were opening.

It was severely sold out and though I did not witness it, I am pretty sure there were more than a few that managed to sneak in. By the time Blackbird Blackbird took the stage, the entirety of the lower area was jammed. Impressive crowd, they came to dance.

Read on for thoughts and a ton of pics including backstage stuff with furries, a spaceman and Gumby.

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Catching Up With Starfucker

Seems they are going to mellow us out before the dance party.

Starfucker has been a persoanl favorite of mine for some time now and not just because of the catchy name. The jams, the dancy jams, they pwn all teh h4x0rs. But the latest tease of the new material is a smooth refrain from the previous two tracks.

They are playing The Mohawk just before SxSW. The full length Miracle Mile is due 2/19 on Polyvinyl.

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Friday Top 5: Album Covers of 2011

Well, it’s a little later than last year but it’s time again to turn the music down and put on your art-critic monocles and top hats.  Yes, in a year where some heavy hitters came along with some high quality production, I did my best to highlight of few of the lesser known ‘other’ artists involved in completing the full album package. Just like the last two years (2009, 2010), my discriminating eye is looking for quality in a holistic sense when it comes to album artwork. Essentially my main question is whether or not it could stand on its own bringing into the discussion composition, tone, balance, introduction of text and its use, color, etc. With that said, here are a few of the best album covers for 2011.

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Show Review: Starfucker @ The Mohawk (1/14)

I like outside shows when it is cold.

Starfucker headlined The Mohawk last Saturday. Alexico and Painted Palms opened the sold out show (honestly a bit surprised) that was made warm with merriment and spirits, or whatever else. Starfucker pulls a weird blend of show-goers including some old people (mainly me). It was a young crowd, it was a good crowd.

Head past the break for pics and show notes…

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Show Preview: Starfucker @ The Mohawk (1/14)

Starfucker is playing The Mohawk. Since the show is sold out, this serves only as a reminder to those of you that purchased tix a few months ago. If you want to join the dance party, you could of course brave the online pitfalls of craigslist or talk to the “ticket agents” out front. I am dragging a whole group out, things may get messy. I just have to remember to run across the street to catch Cass McCombs for a few songs.

It is all about balance.

Painted Palms and Alexico open.


Download: Starfucker – Julius [MP3]

More New Music From Starfucker

As previously reported, indie dance makers Starfucker recently released a 7″ single with the catchy tune “Julius” as the A-side.  Well now the boys are prepping for a full on album of new material entitled Reptilians for a release on March 8th via Polyvinyl Records.  Prior to that release date, opening track to the album “Born” has just been made available as a free download.  This one isn’t quite as catchy as the dance track “Julius”, but it is a nice opening number for the upcoming album.  (via MOKB)


Download: Starfucker – Born [MP3]

New Music From Starfucker

This sweet new jam “Julius” from Starfucker is sure to be tearing up the local hipster dance floors coming this fall.  I typically don’t go for the “dance” genre, but this tune seems to have a better focus on solid songwriting when compared to other songs in the genre.  The new song is appearing on an upcoming 7″ single from the band that hits the streets on the 1st of October on Polyvinyl Records.  Stay tuned.


Download: Starfucker – Julius [MP3]