Brooding Pop From FRAME

Man I love when checking out things for the website I sometimes find a track that wouldn’t normally be in my wheelhouse, but it impresses me big time. Such is the case with this new song “One of a Kind” from Brooklyn based artist FRAME. It’s a full and synth heavy pop number similar to a band like Baltimore’s Kindest Lines. Whomever you want to compare this to, you have to admit that it’s catchy as hell right? The answer is yes.

FRAME will drop State of Mind on October 27th via Concierge Records. Pre-order.

New Single from FRAME

I love the way this new FRAME song just trickles its way along. First vocals, then drum beat, little bit of energy and then guitar lines…all carrying the song forward. Eventually, the space behind it all is filled with synth accents, more detailed drum work…all adding layers to the wonderful vocals of Caitlin Frame. It’s great when you can feel the movement of a song without some over-produced beat pounding the concept into your head. This is just more solid work, which should encourage you to keep an eye out for State of Mind, which will drop on October 27th via Concierge Records.