Last Week’s Jams, Today (4.4 – 4.8)

Here we are folks, another Monday. We’re starting off the week, as we always do, looking back at last week’s hits, just in case our five followers missed a song or two. We’ve got new indie pop stuff from Red Sleeping Beauty and Jeanines, plus new tunes from long-time ATH faves, Stephen’s Shore. Then there’s a new Chronophage album on the way, so we’ve got that covered here too. It’s a quick little way to breeze into your week here, starting things off nice and light. Enjoy!

Stephen’s Shore Share Close to a Dream

We’re a little over a week until the release of the new EP from Swedish pop group Stephen’s Shore, and with that proximity, we’re offered another teaser tune to entice us all. On the earlier tracks from the Green EP, the band have had their spritely bounce intact, but, things take a turn on this new track. The rhythm section still offers up the toe-tapping beat, but there’s a haziness to the guitar work, matched by the a thick coat on the vocals, almost referencing a hint of psychedelia; this all comes to head with the closing breakdown the group use to wrap up the town. It’s a nice little plot twist in their songwriting, illustrating that the Green EP has them working at peak songwriting craft, and we shan’t shy away from that. The EP drops on April 15th via Meritorio Records.

Stephen’s Shore Share Carefree Tyme

It’s never a bad day when Stephen’s Shore share a single with us, so why not give you the same joy we have listening to the group. The Swedish outfit will be dropping their Green EP in April, and their latest track is the spritely brand of pop you’ve got to have in your pocket to get you through the day. This song just feels like basking in the sun, letting your body warm until its just about red. I love the natural sense of nostalgia in the melody too, as if you’re driving away, waving at your past as you head down the road towards new horizons. Dammit, I just want this on repeat all day long. Green EP drops on April 15th via Meritorio Records.

Stream Brisbane Radio from Stephen’s Shore

We’ve got to start off Friday by putting some spirited bounce in your step, and I couldn’t think of a better way than to share this bright new Brisbane Radio EP from Stephen’s Shore. Almost immediately, you’re met with the crisp jangling guitars of the album’s title track, featuring vocals that roll so melodically like the gentle waves at high tide washing over you feet as you stare into the horizon. From there you get more joy from “Midvert,” a mostly instrumental tune working with minimal vocal harmonies in the distance to add in nice pop texturing. “Skogen” brings in more wistful vibes, though I feel as if they’re channeling a sort of paisley psychedelic vibe, akin to the Papercuts or Clientele, if you’re into that…though obviously spun through an indiepop kaleidoscope. Then they close it off with the ever charming “Up to No Good,” which might actually be the record’s standout tune. I can’t say enough about this lot, so please please please stream it below. You can grab the 7″ EP from our dear friends at Meritorio Records!

Stephen’s Shore Share Skogen

One of the first records I’ll be buying next year has to be this new 7″ EP from Stephen’s Shore, and with another single dropping today, that’s pretty much a guarantee. While the first single offered those pristine indiepop jangles, they pull the blanket back just a bit, revealing a hint of slight psychedelic flourishes. Sure, soft jangles in the background, but the foreground guitar seems to rise from smoke-filled lounge; it shouldn’t come as a surprise, as the band play up the softness of both styles, giving us this perfect little pop concoction that you’ll enjoy for the rest of today (and beyond!). The Brisbane Radio EP drops on January 22nd via Meritorio Records.

Stephen’s Shore Announce Brisbane Radio EP

Those of you waiting to feel that uplifting strum of warm guitars and cool vocals can just stop and take a deep breath as you listen to the latest single from Sweden’s Stephen’s Shore. The band have been fairly quiet since their superb September Love LP, but this single comes with news that the quintet will release the Brisbane Radio EP early next year. On the title track featured below, you can feel the spring in your step, the bounce in your soul; it’s not too far off from the style of pop we all adored in the Locksmiths. It’s simplicity and execution make this the perfect go-to tune for any day, but we figured we’d let you feel the joy right now. If you love it, you’ll have to wait until the EP drops in late January, courtesy of Meritorio Records.

Spend Some Time with Meritorio Records

Perhaps the greatest thing about running this site are all the obscure labels that have reached out that have either become friends or shown me the way to new music. Spain’s Meritorio Records is one such label, and they’ve had a pretty incredible 2018…so let’s reflect on that a little bit. March saw them release a great new Stephen’s Shore album, for those already familiar with one of indiepop’s finest. Then, they turned their attention to New York’s Holy Tunics, dropping Butter Dish; it’s al album brimming with guitar pop genius that you’ll revisit time and time again. Oh, and they’re not stopping, having just released the brand new LP from Poppel…seriously, just listen to this band! Hopefully, if you haven’t heard from Meritorio before, you’ll spend some time with their recent releases below.

Stream the Stephen’s Shore EP

stephensA little bit ago we brought you the promising single from Stephen’s Shore for their 7″ on Cloudberry Records, and here we are now able to fall in love with the band’s brand new EP. There’s two sides to the EP, musically speaking. A few of the tracks have that classic indiepop guitar pop sound…not quite jangly, but just enough to indulge fans. Still, there’s “If You,” which sounds like some of the best dream pop to come, using crisp chords beneath a cool little wash of calm. Whatever your flavor, you’re going to love this one.

Fresh Indiepop from Stephen’s Shore

I’ve been down and out with the weather the last few days, so it’s great to be back, and what better way to make my splash than to bring you this indiepop gem from Stephen’s Shore. Shimmering guitars turn in your ears, and there’s just a hint of haze coating the vocals as they swirl through the rest of the mix. You want a precise bit of great indiepop? You’re not going to find a better one this week…at least until I do. Look for this track on a new 7″ coming out this summer from Cloudberry Records.

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