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I can’t get enough of the latest record from Still Corners, dropping this Friday via Wrecking Light. This song was one of the standouts for me for the last few weeks, before it dropped yesterday as a new single. While it still hangs its hat on the smoky dream pop qualities the duo has offered us, there’s seemingly an influence of the band’s Texas relocation lurking through. You can hear it in the opening guitar lament, as well as in the song’s way way back as those same lines permeate the front of the mix. Another mesmerizing number with subtle Texas tones? Yea…I’m in; be sure to grab Slow Air this Friday in stores!

More New Still Corners

I know a lot of people are super in-love with that new Beach House LP, and that’s all well and good, but you’re going to want to hear the work Still Corners are putting out. Today they shared this lush new track from their forthcoming LP, Slow Air. As dreamy as the song seems, there’s still elements of quietloudquiet…opening the song with this dense dream world before a simple guitar chord rings to add more power, all before the waves flow back to the shores of softness. But, that doesn’t even include the thirty seconds or so around the 3 minute mark with those stabbing lines of brightness! The new LP drops on August 17th via Wrecking Light.

Still Corners Announce New LP

Still Corners recorded their brand new album here in the heart of Texas, so we’ve got to write about it, no? Doesn’t matter anyways, as the song’s definitely something that will grab you. The first minute of the track is spent with little guitar chords being plucked while synths build the sound in the background. Then the percussive element unfolds, sharp and to the point…waiting for Tessa to enter the picture. Her voice has this smoky resonance that blankets the subtle electronic groove of the track. The group drop Slow Air on August 17th via Wrecking Light, followed by a solid chunk of North American tour dates starting in September.

Top Songs of 2013

best songs ath 2013We’ve put our pretty little heads together ladies and gentlemen to bring you our favorite songs from this past year.  It was a difficult task with our ever growing staff, but we feel like this list best represents the diverse taste of our staff.  Love it or hate it, it’s ours to call our own.  Hit play and put your head down or dance or shimmmy or drool or whatever works. Most of all we hope you hear something you missed, something you want to buy or something you want to see live.

Scroll past the playlist for full the run of the bestest songs ever this year.

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Show Pics: CHVRCHES @ Mohawk (6/5)

CHVRCHES is sporting a plethora of buzz, right? SxSW fan favorite, plenty of blogger hype, sold out shows in the mid level venues that most indie bands fill before spilling over to the mainstream, they have the boxes checked for a big 2013. The crowd at their show at The Mohawk was packed with bloggers and familiar faces. There were also plenty of show newbs (welcome) and a few dickwads (get bent).

But the big story for me on the night was that the better band was the opener, Still Corners. At least for me.

Click through for the pics and a few notes of import.

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PYAITK: I Love This Song By Still Corners

Still CornersI saw Still Corners at SxSW a couple years back and was mesmerized. This song may help you understand why. It kicks me in all the right places to level my brain space and make me put the media player on one track repeat.

You can find this on the recently released on Sub Pop album, Strange Pleasures. <- vaulted into the list of my favorite albums of the year in one listen. So good. So very good. Update, added an mp3 stream as the Soundcloud is borked.


New Electro-Pop Jamz From Still Corners

Just found this gem of a tune “Fireflies” coming from Sub Pop beauty Still Corners and had to share.  I dig the electronic 80s style vibe, but of course the sultry vocals are what really seal the deal for me.  What can I say, we ATH kids have a weakness for the vocal ladies.

The song is part of a 7″ single coming your way on October 26th via Sub Pop Records.


Download: Still Corners – Fireflies [MP3]

Still Corners – Creatures of an Hour

Rating: ★★★☆☆

If you’re a connoisseur of electro-dream pop, then you’ll know that a little verisimilitude is what separates good from great inside this sub-genre. Sure, you can get some solid jams off of simply interesting instrumentation, but what keeps something in your mind for longer periods of time is the human elements that give it that multidimensional intrigue. In other words, there is an emotional connection of some kind that pushes the music past just wailing guitars or flat vocals. This factor is what divides the tracks on Creatures of an Hour; some prod their way into your psyche while others just dance around the outside.

The first song, “Cuckoo,” easily falls into the category that is able to penetrate deeper. An instant single for Still Corners, it kicks things off with its atmospheric waves of sound. Some bass joins in, increasing the heaviness that this substantial groove already had going and all that is left to complete the dreamy set are the female vocals. Borderline sinister, the sugary vocals tease and pull at the thickset spacey backing, juxtaposing sweet with theatrically dark. Behind Tessa Murray’s voice are some ethereal oohs and ahhs that echo along with the wispy lead. Following “Cuckoo” comes “Circulars,” a brief and to the point synthesizer saturated number that goes nonstop for its length of two minutes. Serving as a mostly instrumental interlude between the first and third numbers, it’s a short little number that adds a little synth spice to the tonal style.

Third on the album is “Endless Summer,” a track that doesn’t so much play on juxtaposition as it does on the overall sound of serenity and calm, with echoes of solemnity swirling beneath. It’s a track that is moderately good, and mirrors the rest of the album. For the most part, Still Corners hold your attention, letting their ethereal dreamy shoe-gaze meander its way into your attention. The first song is unique in that it really demands your focus, whereas the other songs let you come to them. An exception to this phenomenon comes on “I Wrote In Blood,” which implores the delicacy of Murray’s voice alongside loops of swirling synthesizers. It’s got this demented lullaby feeling to it, as if it’s a song for nightmares rather than sweet dreams.

All in all, it’s an interesting sounding album. If you’re looking for a ton of variety from song to song, then Creatures of an Hour may not be for you. If you’re cool with grippingly soft, yet edgy vocals accompanied by winter-perfect hazy pop then by all means, you’re set.

Creatures of an Hour is out now on Sub Pop Records.

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