New Music from Stone Cold Fox

stonecoldI really like this new track from Stone Cold Fox. There’s vocal bits that remind me of early Beach House, though I feel like you can hear just a little bit more of a soulful longing. Musically, the band has more of a sprawling noise based upon guitars rather than electronic washes, which definitely ups my enjoyment. And, the vocals remain the song’s focal point, accented by the stabbing guitar chords and machine-gun drum hits; it leaves you with a powerful impression that begs you to come back for more. The group release the Tunnel Vision EP next Friday.

Digging This Funky Psych From Stone Cold Fox

unnamed-7First off, hat’s off to Stone Cold Fox from Brooklyn for their excellent band name. Secondly, once you listen to “Morning Light” below, you’ll understand that this band’s got way more going for them than just a great name. This song is the perfect blend of indie rock and psych, which moves along in a slow groove that begs head-bobbing and overall jamming. Not only that, but the band builds to the end of the song, letting the fuzzy guitars grow louder and more present. Overall, it’s a great laid-back track–one that you will definitely revisit throughout the day. Take a listen and get ready for Tunnel Vision,which is their forthcoming EP and is out April 29th.

New Single From Stone Cold Fox

SCF-Summer-15-Promo-2118-620x414During the early part of last year, Nathan shared a song with you guys by Brooklyn based group Stone Cold Fox and all of us started paying attention to the group.  Since that time we didn’t hear a whole lot from the band so I was fairly excited when they sent me over this great new song “Contagion”.  I’m calling it a straight up indie rock gem certainly worthy of tons of praise and accolades.  The band has told us to expect a new album sometime in 2016 with this song and surely more hits in store.

Super Pumped Up Jam from Stone Cold Fox

stonecoldfoxWhile I’m not completely sure that I’m on board with the name, Stone Cold Fox, I can say that this song is doing it for me today.  I can feel the bit of Spring creeping into my windows, which means I’m ready for some full on dance party action…who said old people can’t get down.  This track is pure energy; I can see the kids fist-pumping while this blasts over their favorite clubs stereo.  This Brooklyn band surely has their finger on the pulse of the dance party, but don’t be surprised when they decide to mix things up completely for the release of Memory Place; rumor has it that there’s no style the band won’t approach.  For now, this one will do; the record comes out on May 6th.