Stone Jack Jones Shares O Brother

I’m honestly surprise that Stone Jack Jones isn’t getting more attention on his latest release; I think it might be his best work to date…if anyone was asking. This long ranged plodding track is really something worth immersing yourself inside today; I found the percussive element alone quite entrancing. That doesn’t even get into SJJ’s vocal performance; there’s this barely audible fragility in his delivery, yet still so intimate and casual in its position within the song. Add those two bits with the heavy string arrangements swirling throughout, and it’s just brilliant. Please give it some time; Black Snake will be out on September 13th via YK Records.

New Tune from Stone Jack Jones

Stone Jack Jones has only been in my musical orbit for a few years; I had no idea who he was until our friends at Western Vinyl shared Ancestor (and later Love & Torture) with the world. He’s back with the forthcoming Black Snake, and for some reason, this new single just feels like home. It has the artistry and nostalgia I was raised upon by my parents, though a careful ear will reveal these textural layers that are quite fascinating; I’m quite fond of the way the backing vocals were recorded here. I could probably write an essay about how this melody or that note struck a chord with me, but really, I just want you to partake in this track, maybe you’ll find a bit of yourself inside. If so, Black Snake is out on September 13th via YK Records.

Sorry I Missed You: Lylas

lylasLast week I was really into this new Lylas tune, but for some reason, I lost my way and forgot about it.  I suppose that’s precisely the way Lylas, the project of Kyle Hamlett, would want it; it’s a rather unassuming track, but one that has these tiny little movements that capture the ear of the listener.  It’s a journeyman’s song, carrying you along the way, which is perfect for a nice drive through the heated summer horizons.  It might not hurt that the group organized behind Hamlett features members of Natural Child, Lambchop and Stone Jack Jones…but no word on further releases other than this here track.

Song Premeire: Stone Jack Jones Announces New Album

sjjAfter several near death battles with blood-borne illnesses, Stone Jack Jones has returned to songwriting with a new passion. There’s an honesty to his tunes, placing his songs before listeners in a bare-bones fashion that begs for the audience to indulge in his craftsmanship.  Last year he released the stellar Ancestor via Western Vinyl, and he’s bringing you another of poetic melancholy titled Love & Torture, with a schedule release date of March 17th via WV.  Our first listen offers a gentle number with a bit of static splashing through your speakers, creating a chilling effect that only magnifies your listening experience.

ATX Saturday Night Spotlight

Austin, I love you.As mentioned yesterday, there’s tons of things about town this weekend, so you should definitely consider yourself lucky.  Sure, there’s no pun-off this weekend, and old Emos has long removed their troth, but plenty of other great places in town will take care of you.   Hit up one of these shows, and enjoy your weekend. Don’t drink and drive. Or bike. That seems dangerous too.  Read more

New Music from Stone Jack Jones

artworks-000065604035-0u4pf0-t500x500As the temperature drops across the Northern Hemisphere, we’re all seeking out some form of solace.  For some it’s a fire, but for me, it’s sad bastard/slow folk tunes. Luckily, this new tune from Nashville’s Stone Jack Jones came our way today, so we had to share the number.  It’s got a real slow pace, with the vocals carefully floating atop the guitar, and backing vocals added by Patty Griffin.  If you ask me, tunes like this are much better than a fireplace, but that’s just me.  His new album, Ancestor, drops on March 4th via Western Vinyl (those guys are going to have a rad 2014).


Download: Stone Jack Jones – State I’m In [MP3]