Ian McKinney Has 2 Songs on Slack Capital 2

Slack Capital 2 is a compilation of music by 27 of the coolest bands in Austin. All proceeds go to SafePlace, which provides support for victims of domestic and sexual violence. To make sure every one of these bands gets the attention they deserve, we’re unveiling one song per day. (Except today, where we reveal two songs!)

Songs of the day: Ian McKinney – “CRIMEWAVE”/ TV Dads – Vertical Sync

Ian McKinney and TV Dads are the same person, but they represent two very different vibes. CRIMEWAVE is a corroded future-punk anthem, a hilarious and addictive account of what it’s like to thrive in a rotten, failing society. A through-line that connects many of the songs on this compilation (and a quality that, arguably, is essential to the “weird” quality of Austin you hear so often about) is a deep sense of irony, and as McKinney repeats the titular word, it feels more like a taunt aimed at the folks in the gleaming towers than a cry of alarm. Meanwhile, McKinney’s contribution here under the TV Dads moniker is more like a salve, a warped and gentle instrumental with alien-sounding birds in the distance. In the song sequence of the comp, it happens to work as a wonderful introduction to the sweet heartbreak of Magia Negra (but you don’t get to hear that track yet). –Eric Braden

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And…we’ll be throwing a release show with proceeds going to SafePlace on April 14th @ Barracuda.

New Music from Rat Columns

Perhaps there’s no greater joy for a blogger than to watch a band you love, such as Rat Columns, blossom into something you can tell you’re going to obsess over for years to come. This new single from their album Candle Power is honestly one of the favorite things I’ve stumbled upon this month; it’s got this relaxed indiepop vibe with twinkling bits of bells bouncing through the mix. There’s even a classic rock n’ roll guitar line cutting through in the distance, popping up between verses. Upset the Rhythm release the album on April 1st, and I’m going to love it from that day forth.

No One Sounds Like H. Hawkline

Ranting and raving about an artist ins’t particularly my style, but every time I hear H. Hawkline write a new tune, I sort of swoon. His vocal delivery, particularly here, is rather distinctive, and it’s wholly central to my musical attraction. On this song, space is filled by bouncing piano beats and guitar chords that carefully echo through your speakers. Remember when we all fawned over Cate Le Bon and Tim Presley? Well, I’m going out of my way to say that as special as that duo remains, Hawkline’s doing it better. Look for the release of I Romanticize on June 2nd via Heavenly Recordings.

Tall Juan Covers “Baby”

Tall Juan‘s recently been on my radar, and while I typically don’t run covers, I’ve never actually heard the original from Argentina’s She-Devils. Apparently the band influenced Juan with their fight for LGBTQ and women’s rights, thus he’s dedicating this song to those people in his life who face similar struggles. His forthcoming album Olden Goldies does seem to harken back to the purity of rock n’ roll, when barriers were being broken and trends didn’t hold as much meaning. Any way you shape it, seems like a thoughtful release with catchy songs, so I’m picking it up from BUFU on May 5th.

Friday Fun from Seeing Hands

You know that dreamy guitar sound everyone’s using? Well, here’s more of it from Seeing Hands, though I think the production here differs a bit, allowing for the song to sound somewhat in a shambles while still delivering a tight dreaminess. I love that it doesn’t feel as sparkling clean as the guitar might lead one to believe, carefully stretching out tones and backing vocals throughout. It’s the band’s latest single in what’s becoming a fairly routine hit-making machine, so here I sit awaiting another gem just around the corner.

Premiere: Fauvely Offers Up New Music

Today Fauvely releases a brand new EP, centered around the songwriting of singer Sophie Leigh. When listening to this song, there’s really two halves of the track. On one hand, you get this stunning vocal performance, backed by carefully strummed guitar. But, the group flips it up several times, rolling percussion to pack up an increased pacing from the guitar. That chorus spins you around dreamily, leaving you with a memorable take on modern pop. Watch Me Overcomplicate This is filled with six new tracks, drawing on catchy elements of folk and pop that will leave you waiting for Sophie and her friends to drop more delightful tunes. Grab the limited cassette from Midwest Action.

Brand New Tune from Fishboy

Fishboy have graced these little web pages for some time, and they recently announced the release of their latest LP, Art Guards…out on May 19th via Lauren Records. They’ve always reminded me of the perfect mix between They Might Be Giants and The Weakerthans, filling their songs with hyper-literate lyrics. Musically, they’re blasting out these infectious pop rock licks that circle back in your mind again and again, begging for you to have repeated plays throughout the day. It’s hard to understand why these guys aren’t everyone’s favorite band, but perhaps its better if we keep it as our little secret…for now.

Hear Kay Odyssey’s Slack Capital 2 Contribution

Slack Capital 2 is a compilation of music by 27 of the coolest bands in Austin. All proceeds go to SafePlace, which provides support for victims of domestic and sexual violence. To make sure every one of these bands gets the attention they deserve, we’re unveiling one song per day.

Song of the day: Kay Odyssey – “Slipstream”

For a band with “odyssey” in their name, it’s fitting that “Slipstream” feels like a journey. The guitar-heavy track is psychedelic and mysterious, with swirling sounds that evoke a heavy trip, across a desert or in one’s own head. Band leader Kristina Boswell sings in a Roy Orbison-meets-Corin Tucker wail, gliding upward as the song reaches epic guitar god heights. That’s where they shine the most, when, as cymbals crash ecstatically, the dense and fearful atmosphere succumbs to the will of one who has found their voice.

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Luke Reed Reissues Won’t Be There

While Luke Reed may not be a household name as of yet, you’ve likely devoured the music he’s helped craft in his other projects, Bent Shapes and Mini Dresses…I know I have. He released Won’t Be There last summer, and now the album’s getting a larger reissue via The Native Sound. It almost sounds like the track will take a folkish turn in the tones during the opening seconds, but Reed soon moves into heavenly pop territory. It reminds me of the quieter side of indiepop, the kind of pop best suited to soothing introverts…or other reflective types. Don’t sleep on this one, please; it hits this Friday.

She-Devils Announce S/T LP

One of the handful of regrets I had from SXSW this year was not catching She-Devils during the festival…that’s especially true after hearing this new single. It’s a soulful pop twist on the revival of doo-wop nods that accompanied the garage rock burst. There’s this inherent playfulness in Audrey Boucher’s vocals, which seems to come naturally with her delivery. You’ll also hear a bit of psychedelia, though it’s spun in a manner that almost reflects a study in French electro-pop. The band announce today that they’ll release their self-titled LP on May 19th via Secretly Canadian.

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