New Music from Cross Wires

There’s something animalistic about the way Cross Wires pull of their brand of pop. The chords are scuzzy, and the drum work just rolls the song right along; it’s executed with such an infectious urgency that you won’t be able to pull yourself away. Soft “has” in the faint distance only make the track more memorable, stuck in your head for the rest of the day. These Londoners will release their new mini-album, Living In a Radio City, on December 8th.

Ride Off Into the Weekend with Sonny Smith

Sonny Smith is a songwriter who I adore. I’ve picked up everything he’s been involved in, from solo work to theater soundtracks to Sonny and the Sunsets. Today he’s announced his new album, Rod for Your Love, under his own name. It definitely wears that California-vibe; he manages to always carry an effortless cool. His press for the album promises a ‘fun, guitar-driven’ record, which could benefit us all. Toe tapping and innate hooks? Yea, that’s what Sonny’s great at. Stream the new video below; the LP drops on March 2nd via Easy Eye.

Jigsaw ReIssues Kaveh Kanes Capital Album

Dream pop/indiepop fans hopefully have heard of this out of print album by Kaveh Kanes; it was originally released on Kolibri Rekords a few years ago. Lucky for us all, Jigsaw Records are giving us a chance to get it back in our hands. This little gem is filled with cascading guitar lines and atmospheric touches that are perfect for putting your head on your pillow and drifting into the day. There’s a little sample to get you in the mood below, but you can go over HERE and stream the release in its entirety, in case you hadn’t heard of it!

Cones Drop Later

The Rosen brothers have previously supported Eleanor Friedberger in her live band,but they’re now focusing on their own project, Cones. It’s the best way to open up a Friday; it’s got a natural spritely attitude lurking beneath the subtle pop structures. Slight electronic pulses and looped drums provide the perfect background for the vocals to softly take a ride in the front of the mix. The emotional hook comes via the chorus where the tones take a slight turn and varying textures are added to flesh the track out. The single is now available via Dangerbird.

Watch Weak Video by Blushing

NO! The video is not weak, it’s the title track of the band’s brand new Weak EP, being released by yours truly in January of next year! This week New Noise were super kind, and dropped the video for the track. I wanted to circle back a few days later, make sure we got in front of you as well before you head off into the weekend. Don’t need to say much more than we’re really excited for 2018, and couldn’t think of a better way to kick it off than with Blushing‘s new EP. You can order it right HERE in 12″ vinyl format, if you dig; the band will have cassette versions specially for you too!

Refrigerator Release High Desert Lows

Twenty something years into their career, and Refrigerator still have the knack for writing moving songs. Today we have this somber number built upon the back of a wurlitzer and light guitar strums. It’s the vocals that strike the most emotional appeal, almost like a softened Cohen sitting down at the piano. Accents from slide guitar build beautiful texture that leaves a lasting impact for listeners with careful ears. High Desert Lows will be released by Shrimper on February 9th of next year.

HOLY Announces All These Words Are Yours

Epic pop songs just don’t seem to be in fashion anymore, which I find a shame. Luckily, HOLY doesn’t seem to care about modern fads, as demonstrated by the lead single from the forthcoming album, All These Words Are Yours. In the opening ten seconds, a staggering bit of piano/synth has you searching for your balance; it’s slowly steadied by a loud guitar ring, accompanying strings and the voice of Hannes Ferm. Its 45 seconds of calming pop, all before the song erupts into this heavenly mid section that’s faintly reminiscent of J Spaceman’s work. Then moving along, just after the 3 minute mark, you’ll encounter a slight respite, almost an angelic chorale, but while important in the grand scheme of things, it’s brief. All of it is made more interesting when you find out Hannes played every note within the new LP. If you like to celebrate grandiose pop music, then consider picking up the record on January 26th via PNKSLM.

New Music from Alex Rose

Former Austin resident Alex Rose is quickly making a name for herself out in LA, but if you look at production duties/recording for her album Arcadian Pages, seems like she’s never left; the album was produced by Anni Rossi and Dan Duszynski (who has worked with ATH faves Julia Lucille and Jess Williamson). Whether Dan and Rossi’s influence or not, there’s a huge space between the vocals and the instrumentation; both pieces seemingly swell together in the song’s middle half, evaporating via discordant strings and careful layering. The textural work leaves this huge canvas, and Rose paints it perfectly with her performance. Her album drops tomorrow, with cassette versions available HERE.

Meet PR Newman

Spencer Garland’s been tinkering around the Austin music scene for some time now, but he seems to finally have found his groove with his new project PR Newman. The song definitely harkens to a bit of a folk/Americana feel, though Spencer seems willing to stretch that as near to the border of pop songwriting as possible. I love the resounding idea in the lyric “happy,” especially when juxtaposed with preceding ideas…you can follow along in the lyrical video below. It also never hurts to have a guest appearance from the Bond Twins. Welcome to your new favorite Austin act!

New Music from The Cabin Fever

This might not be what The Cabin Fever want to hear, but there latest song exhibits some heyday Jade Tree Records vibes. For me, that’s a great thing, as it’s both nostalgic and overlooked. There’s a fragility in the vocal delivery, curating that emotional feel. But more importantly, the song also works as a collection of moments; it begins with a quiet opening, moves to a more developed, emphatic middle, and takes a careful direction change that fades into the ending. The group are set to release their new Exercise the Demon EP in January of next year, but take a small dosage by streaming this number below.

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