New Mellow Jam from Mount Eerie

It looks as though we’re going to wrap up our great week here with the mellower side of things, and I’m perfectly okay with that.  We’re nearing the release of the second Mount Eerie album, from Phil Elverum this year; Ocean Roar is supposed to be contrasted with Clear Moon, which came out early in 2012. When listening here, I feel as if this track is dominated by the percussive element, even though it’s lightly placed in the background.  Phil quietly sings atop it all while a hint of atmospherics moving in and out.  Really, there’s no one making music like Phil.

Great Power Pop from the Barreracudas

I’ve been jamming out to the Barreracudas for quite some time, having fallen head over heels for Nocturnal Missions, their last LP.  But, this summer they kicked out the jams with a new 7″ for Windian Records, hopefully to pass the time as they record a new full-length.  If you like your guitars shredded fast with a bit of keyboard in the background to propel things in the direction of sugary goodness, then you’ll absolutely love this track.  Oh, and that slight vocal hiccup? Marvelous.  Enjoy this jam and get your hands on the 7″ before they run out!

New Chilled Song from Gangi

It’s always amazing to me what modern recordings processes can do for a duo; you know, things that couldn’t be done as easily in the 60s.  My newest discovery is LA duo Gangi, who’ve got a little bit of a psych bent on their tunes.  They’ll soon be releasing their second LP, Gesture Is, on October 2nd via Office of Analogue and Digital.  Not only am I stoked upon the groove coming here, but I’m really digging the way the group is looping the vocals–which is what I was referencing earlier.  If you listen carefully you can hear the faint squawk of a horn near the end of the song…another special moment. Enjoy this one.


Photo credit to Benjamin Gallardo.


New Jam from Punks on Mars

Ryan Howe has gotten a lot of love for his Punks on Mars project, and I have a feeling he’s on the verge of unleashing something magical.  The New York power-pop glam rocker has just released a new digital single, and he’s been generous enough to let us share one of the latest tracks from the People Talk single with you.  I love the fact that he relies heavily on the keyboard/organ sound with this track, whilst still maintaining that sinister edge of garage pop.  This is definitely becoming one of my favorite acts to jam to; you’ll dig it if you want a little bit more glitter pop with your tastes for the likes of Hunx.

New Jam from The People’s Temple

It’s been almost an entire year since I’ve heard anything from the Michigan crew, The People’s Temple.  These cats play straight-up rock n’ roll, with a bit of swagger and a whole lot of history.  Their album Sons of Stone almost wore itself out on my record player, so I’m pleased to share with you this new tune off the group’s Looter’s Game 7″. For me, the tambourine is the standout in this song, wiggling it’s way around in the background, providing that classic psych sound that’s gaining prevalence on our ATH pages.  You can pick up your copy of the new 7″ from Hozac Records right now.

More New Tunes from Cult of Youth

One of the bands I’ve been into for some time is nearing the release of their next album, Love Will Prevail.  Cult of Youth will be releasing this record on September 4th via Sacred Bones Records, and it’s shaping up to be an improved effort that will surely have the band on everyone’s mind.  I hate to say it, but every single time I listen to the group, I can’t help but think of pirate shanties, though that’s not a bad thing in my mind.  Sean Ragon’s voice sounds like he’s hurting, which provides the emotional grab, especially when the band softens the vocals up near the end of the track.   I’m pretty sure this is going to be a big hit.

Bouncy Jam from Nude Beach

One of the acts I’m really excited for everyone to catch onto this year is Nude Beach. Personally, I don’t think there’s really anything else out there like this at the moment, with a fusion of classic pop rock and lo-fi garage. Their new album II will come out on August 14th via Other Music Recording Co, which has made some great signings.  If you’re looking to get transported back into the past a little bit, but hold onto a hint of your hipster credibility, then you gotta fall in love with Nude Beach; you won’t be disappointed.



New Hit from Psychic Ills

Man, this band is really becoming something special. Psychic Ills have a new record that is set to come out early next year on Sacred Bones, and our first listen has me really excited.  It’s almost like the group has transformed into a psychedelic version of Spiritualized, using that strummed guitar, a bit muted, and including foggy vocals that lightly rest atop the instruments; it’s all juxtaposed with an organ that haunts the background of the track.  

You can check out a video of the song HERE.

New Music from The Fishermen Three

I’m really stuck on this song, so I decided I’d share it with you.  The Fishermen Three is the brain child of Simon Beins, who has toured the world opening for some of my favorite acts like The Wave Pictures and I Was a King.  That being said, this tune is more a solemn folk affair; it can be found on iTunes. Also, you should check out his record Time to Think About the Morning Once Again–it’s in stores now on Shelved Records. Basically this track is Simon and a guitar, telling personal stories the way only he can.  Maybe it’s a folk tune, maybe it’s singer-songwriter, but whatever, it’s damn good.



Premiere: New Rocker from Woollen Kits

It’s about time for Woollen Kits to take over the US, completely.  After releasing their self-titled album on RIP Society, the band is back with a fresh new 7″, this time on the great American label, Trouble In Mind Records. The A-Side is titled “Shelley and it encompasses everything I love about the band.  There’s an effortless bit of swagger that has me imagining the band swinging their guitars about the stage; the usage of gang vocals gives the track a raucous feel—and then a sharp-edged guitar solo cuts through. One listen to this jam and you’ll be stomping your feet, begging for the release to come your way.  You won’t have to wait too long, as the single hits streets (with B-Side “Down Your Street”) on August hold your horses; good things come to those who wait.

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