Fuzzed Pop from Tunabunny

tunabunnyI love the feel of this new song from Tunabunny.  It’s this really dirty version of a whimsical pop song, brimming with this fuzzy coat atop of the song.  The vocals are soft and playful, but it’s hard to detach yourself from the dark craftsmanship of the track.  It perfectly illustrates an act that continues to grow and grow, releasing four albums in four years…a remarkable feat for any act.  Their latest is titled Kingdom Technology, and it should cement the band as an act that’s willing to grow in whatever manner suits their fancy without looking back with regret.  It’ll be out on April 22nd via HHBTM Records.


Download: Tunabunny – Different Jobs [MP3]


New Music from Crow Bait

crowFriday had some great hits coming out, and I really gravitated towards this new tune from NY’s Crow Bait.  It’s got incredible guitar parts that remind me of the recent work of bands like Superchunk.  It harkens back to the days when guitars and melodic vocals really dominated the underground music scene; it’s also the kind of music that reminds us all of our youthful attachments to rock n’ roll. The band will be releasing their debut Sliding Through the Halls of Fate on May 20th via Don Givoanni Records.  Should be a blast listening to this record.

New Music from Secret Colours (Austin Psych Fest Act)

secretcoloursAs the days draw closer to yet another festival in Austin, we’re starting to take a closer look at some of the lesser known bands on the list, and Secret Colours are my latest obsession.  I think this Chicago act speaks to the festivals diversity this year, offering a poppier glint on the broader psych spectrum.  Listening to their newest single reminds me of what a joy it was listening to early Of Montreal, using noisy touches of guitars and delicious bass parts to really suck you into the song.  If you’re not going to the festival, then I at least suggest you make way for Positive Distractions II to make its way into your playlist on April 29th.

Austin Spotlight: The Ghost Wolves

ghostwolvsI’m loving living in Austin right now; there’s so much incredible music out there it’s hard to know where to turn.  But, we do know one of the band’s on our list to watch is The Ghost Wolves.  The duo have deservedly earned themselves a strong following here in town, with wailing guitars and pounding  drum work.  Carley Wolf comes off with a strong personality, using her bratty tones to rock the crowds.  On May 27th the band will release Man, Woman, Beast via Plowboy Recordsit’ll include several live bonus tracks too! Enjoy jamming out to this track today, will ya?

New Music from Tiny Ruins

tinyruinIf you’re looking for a lady with some pipes, you need look no more.  Hollie Fullbrook has a set of pipes that’s going to win your heart, and it makes listening to her project Tiny Ruins something quite special. The band is fleshed out with a bass and a drum, but for all intents and purposes, the show is stolen completely by Fullbrook’s voice and her gentle strumming.  You need to sit back and let this song wash over you; you’ll be grateful that you did.  The band’s new record, Brightly Painted One, will be out on May 13th via the heralded Flying Nun Records.

Upbeat Pop from 3108

3108_pressphotoFriday’s are supposed to be fun, right? Well, there’s probably not another track that I’ve had as much fun with as this new tune from London’s 3108. The synth based project is the work of Tyler Zypreksa, and this tune’s a short blast through the super fun zone.  It’s a song that pushes forward from the get go, and if you listen carefully you can hear some guitar blips cutting through the pulsating electronics. He’ll be releasing his self-titled album on Trouble in Mind Records on April 29th.  Enjoy this catchy number, and in the word of Zypreska “I’m going to heaven, you’re going to hell.”


Catchy Pop from the Sweets

thesweetsYou’ve got to really catch on to North Carolina’s The Sweets; the band offers infectious pop music that gets stuck on repeat in your head all day long. The band has done several releases with Bleeding Gold Records, and they’ve got another new one that they just offered up this week.  This single has that natural swing that the band has offered up before, though the vocals are quiet in the mix; it reminds me of our local friends Shivery Shakes.  You can listen to the 4 song 7″ right now at the BANDCAMP, but I’ll also put up this jam for you to stream, as well as another one from February that you shouldn’t miss.

Here’s the old one off their February cassette:

Slow Mover from SoftSpot

softWe’ve posted a few of the tracks from the forthcoming SoftSpot LP already, but I think that this is one of my favorite pieces the band has composed for the release.  This tune builds very very slowly, almost as if it was a piece on some soundtrack that was composed by Mogwai; the cymbals create this crashing wave that’s very understated.  Sarah Kinlaw joins, letting her voice rest atop of the carefully written music.  Then, just before the 4 minute mark, it all crashes together, forcefully, yet not overdone.  This is just the kind of work you can expect from the group when they release MASS on April 8th.



Nice Bit of Americana from Charlie and the Foxtrots

charlieIt seems like Nashville is becoming the hot scene of the moment, especially for music that bares the soul of America’s musical history.  Charlie and the Foxtrots is another one of those bands building a name for themselves both within and outside of the city.  They blend elements of pop with that classic Americana sound, though I’ll admit that the vocals of Chas Wilson are definitely one of the shining highlights of this tune.  The band will be releasing their album on Golden this summer, July 8th.

Another New Track from Amen Dunes

amenFeels like Thursdays always end up dragging on, and I guess I’ll help contribute to that by adding another mellow track to our list.  This time it’s another new tune from Amen Dunes, who are preparing to release their album, Love.  This tune hear has a really soft bit of instrumentation, with a vocal that is drawn out in a semi-drawl.  Honestly, it’s a voice you might have to grow accustomed to, though I can similarities between it and the likes of Cave Singers and Devandra Banhart…both artists we adore.  The album will be released on May 13th via Sacred Bones Records, and you’ll also be able to enjoy the video that accompanies this song HERE.

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