Listen to the Brand New Ought Song

oughtIf you haven’t listened to More Than Any Other Day by Ought, then I’m feeling sort of bad for you now.  That record has won me over time and time again, not to mention their live show was pretty stellar, if not better than expected.  Fortunately (and unfortunately sort of) they’ve got a new song from a new EP. But, in order to listen to it, you have to stream the two songs before it (or just skip right to the 10 minute mark) from other bands on the Constellation Records roster; you CR folks are tricky! Still, you’ll do well to make sure you’re well acquainted with this act because I’ll probably be raving about them for some time to come.

Dark Blue Offer New Tune

ceremonyWhen I first heard this track from Dark Blue, I had to go back and re-read the information I had on the group.  I knew it was a super-group of sorts, so I immediately thought of Calvin Johnson; it’s not Calvin though.  It’s actually just a bunch of rad dudes from rad bands like Ceremony, Paint It Black, Strand of Oaks and some others.  The lyrical delivery sort of sounds like David Gedge wrote the lyrics and gave the band instructions on how to sing, although the music has it’s own power altogether.  There’s distorting guitars shooting off and simple rhythmic pounding.  If you like any of the nonsense I name checked here, then pick up the group’s album, Pure Reality, via Jade Tree on October 7th.

Another Tune from Mega Bog

megaJust a short bit ago I posted the early single from Mega Bog, enjoying the albums pop direction flooded by sporadic horn usage.  This latest single comes in much the same direction, althoughI feel as if it works differently.  Various parts follow great bits of musical space, though there’s a building tension sitting beneath it all.  I don’t know; I’m stuck on how much I’m really enjoying the horns here…not to mention the song’s ability of fade in and out of beautiful obscurity. You can grab this album, Gone Banana, on Spetember 23rd via Couple Skate.

Please Enjoy This Tune from White Sands

whitesandsEarlier in the week I tossed up one new tune from Art Is Hard Records, but I also neglected to give you the proper warning about White Sands.  The group is made up of 1 parts Mazes, 1 parts Male Bonding and 1 parts Novella, so surely someone out there is going to be getting amped for this release.  Initially, I was grabbed by the distorted guitars, but then I went back and found myself hooked on the interplay between male and female vocal parts.  It’s going to be a special release too, as the label’s doing it on a flexi-disc 7″ with a 20 page magazine and 3 song digi-pack; you don’t get these sort of releases everyday.  Pretty sure you’re going to have to order this today; it’s a limited release!

Lightning Pop from Joanna Gruesome

comicYeah yeah, this song was everywhere. But hey, I’m not going to jump off the Joanna Gruesome train anytime soon. I love that there’s two sides to this tune, which seems to represent my own personal tastes.  The first offering you get is this fast paced riot-girl rock, but they pull back quite a bit to offer a glimpse at the pop sensibility they maintain with ease.  This song is 1 of the 4 off a new 7″ that’s being released as a split with popular Perfect Pussy.  It’ll be accompanied by a nice comic book too, which is the work of Phil McAndrew (his sister rocks in PP).  You’ll want to get your hands on this when it’s released by Captured Tracks, Slumberland Records and Fortuna Pop…a pretty solid triumvirate of rad labels.

The Sea Pinks Return

seaMan. This track just made my day.  I absolutely adore the Sea Pinks, though it’s always hard to get their wares over here in the States.  But, they just announced that they’ll be releasing a new album, Dreaming Tracks, which is sure to make my arbitrary end of year list.  I love the jangling guitar, though I’ll admit those chords have a slightly darker tone on this listen.  It’s like meeting your favorite jangle pop band playing in a pub with their best friends, so maybe let’s call it jangle pub.  Regardless, look for that new album on September 29th via CF Records…you’ll be grateful.

Wicked Hit from Sunflower Bean

sunSunflower Bean is a fairly new act if one was to go by the information passed our way, but I’m already interested to see what direction they’re heading.  This single has two souls, though they both seem to be haunted by different directions.  You’ll get the female fronted post-rock, with this entrancing yelp at the end of the syllables.  Then they switch it into more of a psychedelic realm, with a different twist on the music; these moments have more of a brooding fuzz to them, rather than the emphatic yelping of it’s counterpart. It’ll be interesting to see what comes next; there’s lots of room for them to grow.

Grungy Pop from Virgin Kids

virginIn case no one else out there obsessively follows their favorite labels, I’m here to help you with that job today.  Art is Hard Records tossed up this little gem from Virgin Kids last Friday, and it made its way into my weekend rotation, getting so many spins I had to share it with you. The three-piece London outfit really has two sides of this song; they offer a pretty straight-forward guitar pop piece up front, but get all distorted in the middle of the song, letting the chords ring loud.  Heavier parts of the song come in strong, but they’re short-lived, as to be sure not to wear out their welcome amid such a pop-centric feel.  Enjoy this one.

Austin Spotlight: New Song from Silver Ships

chazzWhen I look around the Austin music landscape, there’s some incredible things happening.  The rock n’ roll scene is hitting hard with great acts like Trustees or Xetas; the indie pop scene is, as always, flourishing; folk and country artists abound, with some doing it better than others.  But, no one is making the music like Silver Ships.  It’s the product of Chazz Bessette, who recorded the entirety of his new album sans computer technology.  That’s a pretty impressive feat alone, but this new song is just so so good. There’s an old school feel to it, with a plodding organ and a solid melody.  Look for more when Songs From a Room That Never Moves comes your way on September 30th.

Enjoy This Latest Single from Johnny Aries

johnnOkay. Johnny Aries plays with the Drums.  But, don’t let that impact your listening.  He’s actually better known, to me, of this role in UK outfit Two Wounded Birds.  The UK songwriter has a touch of that spritely bounce you’ll get in his current act, but there’s more of a traditional indiepop sound coming from his songs; I can even hear a bit of that Moz croon hanging on the tip of his delivery.  It’ll be interesting to hear how his whole record, Unbloomed, shapes up. It’s going to be released by Frenchkiss on August 26th.

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