Bouncing Power Pop from The Number Ones

1s-coverDammit if I didn’t find one of my favorite tracks of the month just before we blast off into June.  You might ask why something so simple meets my requirements; it’s precisely that.  This new single operates between the realm of pop and punk rock, and it’s executed perfectly. There’s some catchy “you-ooh-oohs” thrown in, just in case you need to sing along at the top of your lungs.  It puts this Irish group at the top of my list for acts I’m most excited about in 2014; you can grab The Number Ones self-titled record on August 5th from Deranged Records.

Woods to Release New 7 Inch

woods2_630x300Seems like just a few weeks ago that Woods released With Light and With Love…wait, it was just a few weeks ago.  But, the band is already back with two new songs that they’ll be releasing through Captured Tracks.  I think this song fits perfectly in with the musical themes from that album, so we can look at these songs as additional brushstrokes to that stellar album.  While the track is dominated pretty simply by a good melody, there’s still that folky stomp that band so often employs coming in near the end of the track.  You can grabs it on July 8th from the label.

New Music from Geoffrey O’Connor

GeoffO024When I first met Geoffrey O’Connor he was fronting the Crayon Fields, who remain one of my favorite acts.  He was polite, yet possibly a bit timid.  However, as his solo career has blossomed, he’s become increasingly confident in his songwriting, leaving his audience with elegant pieces of pop music coated in synth work.  I dare say that this new single is easy listening, both in style and emotion; you can listen anywhere with a smile on your face.  It’s the second single from his new album, Fan Fiction, which will come your way via Chapter Music on August 8th.

Post Rock Soccer Ode from Dark Blue

dark blueFirst, I was surprised to see that Jade Tree was still releasing music; I used to love that label, but somehow completely forgot them.  But, for myself and the other lads at ATH, we profess our eternal love of soccer daily, and it’s all the reason to share this number from Dark Blue since it’s been labeled an ode to the sport and hooliganism (which I don’t support). Even if you don’t like soccer, surely you’ll appreciate this lead single from the band’s new 7″, which has this nice croon resting on top of noisy guitar riffs.  The vinyl version of this 7″ will come with a cover of John Cale‘s “Hungry for Love;” it will be released July 15th.

New Album from Bishop Allen

bishopallen_largeSome songs are impossible to ignore.  They immediately grab you, holding you tight, spinning you in whirlwind of pop.  That’s precisely the feeling I got when I listened to this brand new track from Bishop Allen.  If you look at the cover art for the band’s upcoming record, Light’s Out, you get the sense that the band was pursuing the same thing, putting some young kisd on the cover dancing up a storm.  It’s the sign of something delightfully catchy coming your way at the end of the summer, August 19th to be exact; it’s being released by Dead Oceans.  I dare you not to like this song.

Impressive New Tune from Vaniish

vaniishThe more tracks we get from Vaniish, the more excited I am for the unleashing of their new album.  The band’s made up of members, past and present, of Soft Moon and Wax Idols, and that pedigree alone would be enough to catch my interest, but the songs are solid too.  Their latest single, “Search and Replace” offers a wall of noise and a devilish beat behind it, then moves forward holding onto an edgy bit of post punk.  You know I love a song that hides its attraction to pop music behind some noisy bits. Their debut Memory Work will be out on June 10th via Metropolis Records.


Download: Vaniish – Search and Replace [MP3]


New Music from Eric D Johnson

edjWe loved the work of Fruit Bats, so it only makes sense that we’re following closely the path of the band’s Eric D. Johnson.  Press release says that he acknowledges that these are not the happy songs that most people might associate with his writing, but I still find that there’s a brightness to what he’s creating.  I love the way his voice rises up, meeting the notes he’s crafted at each turn; it’s one of the staples of his songs that we’ve adored for some time. He’ll release a new album under the EDJ moniker on Easy Sound on August 5th.

Late to the Party: Carnival Youth

10379877_319202781561504_1879389632014875846_oWith endless emails coming in every day, and my own hunt for great songs outside the press, I’ll admit, I sometimes find that great music escapes me.  Luckily, I was able to revisit this sweet bit of swelling pop from Carnival Youth, and now I can’t get enough of the track below.  What amazes me as much as the track itself is that the band hails from Latvia, a country that rarely, if ever, gets musical coverage, so I’m glad to shine a little light that way; I’ve got old ties to the country.  Just listen to this track. Listen to the bounce and let yourself get swept up in the beauteous emotion of the song.  It’s off their Never Have Enough EP, which is as great as this tune below.

Introducing: Nudes

tumblr_inline_n5xvoywElU1qbkaszThere’s probably not a lot of information out there at the moment on Nudes, as the band’s a fairly new entitiy.  The group features members of Saturday’s Kids, Breathe Out and Playhouse; three rad UK groups already making a solid name for themselves.  This fresh trio have just recorded their first single, and it’s being given away as part of Art is Hard‘s Pizza Singles Series, which has been pretty spot on in 2014. On the single, it opens up with this light guitar and distant vocal, but hold on, as the group blasts off into this jangling guitar pop that’ll be sure to brigthen anyone’s Friday afternoon.  Hope you enjoy this little ditty.

Show Preview: Curtin @ Lamberts (5/23)

1618257_628191577260497_705601427_oThere’s tons of events going on in town this weekend, but we wanted to point you in the direction of this secret little gem that might not have gotten your attention otherwise. Curtin is a two-piece who craft this sparse folk-influenced rock; some of their songs lean more in the direction of experimenting within the genre, while other tracks offer up more traditional fare. The group is touring to promote their album, One for the Doghearted. But, just because you can’t have a show without great locals, be sure to get there early, as the line-up includes two of our favorite friends, The Midgetmen and Ram (formerly of Whitman).  Sample the tune below to get a feel of what to expect.

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