Kick Friday off with Darlings

darlingIt’s Friday. Those in the ATX, and probably the rest of the world, have been bundled up, so we likely need some energy to get up and go today.  This new track from Darlings seems perfectly fitting, offering a solid guitar line that adds spirit to your day; I personally enjoy the noodling and discordant chords that are picked near the end of the song. Your day’s going to get better, so join us in our first listen to the band’s latest work; it is in preparation for their Feel Better LP, which is coming out on January 20th via Wild Canary Records.

New Jam from Ex-Cult

exexDidn’t want to throw all these mellow jams at you without giving you something to turn up loud. Ex-Cult released the excellent Midnight Passenger LP earlier this year, and they’re already looking to start off next year with a band, bringing you the Cigarette Machine EP .  The lead tune is below, bringing you that gritty sensation of danger the band have oft encompassed in their live sets.  Some bands, you skip over the EPs, but not this band, every song is worth a solid listen.  Grab your own on February 9th courtesy of Castle face Records.

Introducing Love Sport

loversThe waters in Finland have been growing strong, and Soliti Music has been handling the allocation of such waters to it’s many great artists.  They’ve just added a new act to their roster who I think will catch your interest, Love Sport.  The group is a hodgepodge of the label’s roster, with members of Black Twig and Big Wave Riders to name a few.  Their first single is this driving burst of psychedelic pop music; the vocals are hiding behind the main mix just a smidge, begging you to put in a closer ear.  You can also check the video for the single HERE; their Gol EP will be out on December 12th.

Take A Listen to Cotillon

cotyWhen you get an email about a new act on Burger Records, you generally know what to expect from the label…that is until you hear the work of Cotillon.  It’s this dreamy little bit of bedroom pop, akin to the work of early Captured Tracks acts.  The LA act worked with JR from Girls, so you can count on the production quality to be successful when the band release their full album.  Personally, I love the way the song slowly fades out over about a minute, growing softer and softer until you can no longer hear it.  Look for the group’s self-titled album to come out on January 26th.

Wake Up with the Popguns

popIt’s always nice to get a little energy boost of delightful happiness through the music you listen to, which is why you should sit back and start your day off with this little sampler from the new album from The Popguns.  Pop Fiction has been in the works for the last year or so, with the band releasing a few singles from their label, Matinee Recordings, but now we get to hear a little bit more from the band.  There’s melodies, hooks and that classic indiepop sound that makes guys and girls swoon. The album hits stores on December 2nd, but you can pick it up now if you’d like to get your hands on it early.  Seems like the best gift for your friends before the holidays.

Singer-Songwriter Craftsmanship from Tom Brosseau

tommyI always feel as if the weather dictates my listening patterns; I run heavy and fast through Spring and Summer, but tend to get a bit reflective as we move into the later Fall and early Winter months.  It’s fitting that I bring you this Tom Brosseau track, with his bare-bones craftsmanship opening the doors to that cold front we’re supposed to be expecting come this weekend.  Brosseau recorded his new album, Perfect Abandon, with a Stratocaster, up-right bass and a two-piece drum kit; it always amazes me how much can truly be done with so little. Look for the LP via Crossbill Records come February of next year.

Pop Tune from Sam Cohen

sammyI’ve admired the work of Sam Cohen, be it with Apollo Sunshine or Yellowbirds, but he’s stepping out on his own entirely here.  His new work seems to draw in influences from various pop spectrums, using electronic production touches you might find in a Wayne Coyne run world, whilst still making a slight nod to the prettier side of psychedelia.  His debut album, under his own name at least, is soon to be released by Easy Sound; it’s called Cool It, which definitely fits into the stylish work he offers up here.

New Album from In Tall Buildings

driverIt seems like time might have forgotten the work of Erik Hall and his project, In Tall Buildings; it’s been nearly four years since he last released his debut, but this opening track from his forthcoming LP sounds pretty remarkable.  There’s a pulsating opening, laying groundwork for the entry of Hall’s delicate vocals.  This track seemingly builds and builds, yet it always pulls back to offer up a really subtle bit of pop sensibility that’s sure to garner interest from all sorts of listeners.  Look for his new release, Driver, via Western Vinyl on February 17th.


Innocent Fun from Ghastly Menace

agastSometimes you just want to kick on a great catchy tune and have a little fun.  The instant you press play on this song from Ghastly Menace you should find yourself transported to that world, filled with bursting melodies and hooks that will keep you coming back for more. It’s definitely something infectious, which a lot of people really need in their Friday listen, so why not pick this as the best track to make your day.  The band will soon be releasing Songs from Ghastly Menace, their debut LP, so keep an eye out for that anticipated release.

Austin Spotlight: Sleep Good Release New Single

godTypically, I fill our pages with Norman Wanklord rock and roll revelations in the Austin scene, but today I wanted to take a look at the ambient side of Austin’s music scene with long-time ATH favorite, Sleep Good.  Will’s been busy working on other varying projects, but he’s returned to his studio to complete the work that will comprise the entirety of his new record, Dream Dealer.  The song below is just a little taste of the instrumental structures he’s been able to compose, which no doubt also influences the film’s he’s been able to score (with some T. Malick character).  Look for his full return when the LP hits on January 6th.


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